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You ask, I deliver here's the new post:  

Dee - sorry the nasal spray makes you gag.  What is your next step?

Heather - We need to start a birthday chart!  Don't you think?

Helen - Happy, happy birthday!

Ladies, please post your birthdays so I can start a chart.  I don't want to miss any of yours!

I did ask about  2 IUI's versus one.  I got the same answer I always get.  "There are no studies that suggest 2 IUI's are better than one well timed IUI.  We will certainly do 2 if you want two, but we don't believe it is any more helpful than one well timed IUI."   Since I'm being monitored daily with u/s now and taking the meds to stop ovulation.  I'm pretty confident this IUI will be very well timed.  
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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dearrrrrrrrr helennnnnnnnnn
May all your wishes come trueeeeeeeeeee

Lisa - i agree with the 2 IUI thing. I am not convinced from my reading that it is more effective than the 1 IUI. I think you will be alright as you are being monitored so closely. on the nasal spray, I have at least another ten 10 days on it so I jsut have to get used to it. Blood test in 5 days.  

Fifi - you start meds today....how are you?

Heather do you parents know youre preggers?

Helen - shot lesson 6th March (done with husband willing to pay money for the pleasure)
Deepa - bloods 7th March (spraying stuff in nose)
Lisa U/S - 8th March (done with nosy staff alert)
FiFi - med 8th March (yay - starting today)
Jen - testing 8th March (yay - Jen need an update)
Magda - first shot 12th March (whats the price your DH is willing to pay to poke you?)
Heather - U/S 13th March (healthy baby/ies)
Dee - bloods 14th March
Mary - testing 17th March (hold that pee)

My birthday is on the 18th of June.

2.20pm Sunday
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Hi girls...I never post on here but I was wondering if I could join?  I had a D and C on Feb. 29th and I'm waiting to start trying again.  Helen, happy b-day mines the 13th.  I just got back from dinner with my family.  It was nice but I can't get the baby thing out of my head.  My RE said the pathologist wants to send my tissue samples to Harvard.  They think I might have gestational tropoblastic disease.  I'm hoping not...I have none of the symptoms.  How is everyone else doing?
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Welcome to the sorority!  AGP stands for Alpha Gamma Prego  :)
When will they know the results of your tests?   I hope gestational tropoblastic disease is not it.  I am so sorry this happened to you again.  I was so happy for you when you got your BFP.  I sure hope your RE figures out what's going on.

Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes.  I am so depressed about turning 35 though.  When we started ttc my goal was to have a baby by 35.  Then I changed that goal and wanted to be pregnant by 35.  Oh well.....  I guess I need another goal.
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Hi Amy

Welcome! Hows your doggie doing? Of course you are more than welcome. I have read your posts and I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling. I hope you find us good company - we like to think we are! Is your birthday in 4 days? I have a bit of a time difference as I am in Australia, so your birthday is sooner for me.

All of us here are going through IUI or IVF (except Heather who is preggers but still remains as our TTC survivor expert). But nonetheless we are a good supportive bunch and always here for a vent whatever your TTC adventure brings. I wouldnt survive a day without these girls.

This will be my first IUI and as per the protocol this side of town, I start a nasal spray and then go onto to injectables in hopefully a week. I have had 2 failed pregnancies previously one resolved with a D&C and an ectopic with methotrexate.

Now I should stop yabbering. Let me know if you want me to add any dates on our list like a blood test etc.
Lots of hugs - Dee

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Hi Amy--Welcome, welcome! I was posting with you in the Sept/Oct mommies until you had your m/c. I was devastated for you. I am glad to see, though, that you are proactively seefking answers, and are reaching out to new folks (us!) for support. I guess we are a little clique, but we formed randomly out of compassion and trust, and anyone is welcome to join at any time, so it's not a microcosm of the "social scene." We just make each other laugh, listen to each other cry, and totally support each other. Glad to have you :-)

Lisa--You know I think you should do the 2 iuis. Tanker Chic got pg that way with 2 follies. Also, Mary did that this cycle. It's ultimately up tp you, of course. Oh, and my birthday is May3rd. (I'll be 37 in less than 2 months!!! AAARGH!)

Deepa--Yes, my parents and sisters know I am pg, but, to be honest, are all pretty self-absorbed, so I have only heard from them twice (and the live 15 minutes away!) About your nasal spray: maybe you should chase it with a shot of orange juice to help with the taste???

Helen--We have talked about this whole "age is just a number" thing, but I understand the feeling of not having accomplished all I felt I should have by a certain age. SO, you can feel bad about it this week end, but then I must order you to move on!!! (As if I can order you to do anything!) Seriously, though, foucs on all you have already accomplished in life, as well as all you've learned TTC so far, and know you are closer know than ever to reaching this milestone. :-)
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Hi Ashort WELCOME!!  Heather is right, we sort of formed randomly and we welcome with open arms, and keyboards anyone wanting to share, needing support and to vent, whatever you need we try to be there for one another. As you know I am very, very sorry for your loss.  I hope AGP can be source of support and encouragement for you.  A few things to remember.  Never ask an AGP sister how she is feeling "down there".  Unless of course you are talking to Dee but, you might want to say "down under" instead.  Or unless you hear me mention a visit from my "little guest"  than it may be approbriate to ask how I'm doing "down there".  (Oh dear, I am really cracking myself up).   I hope you get the humor even though you haven't read the previuos post.  (I am just laughing hysterically.  It must be the heavy injections I've injected myself with this evening).  Hope I'm not scaring you away.  

Dee: Heather has convinced me that 2 IUI's just might be the trick for me "down there".  So, I'll be asking my dr. about it while he's "down there" tomorrow.  (Oh my, I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hysterically.) Could it be the Ganirelix that I injected tonight? I'm amusing myself entirely too much!

Ok I am starting a birthday chart and would like to send a birthday card to any of you brave enough to give me your address.  You can pm me if you'd like a card.  Any cyber sisters wanting to be on the birthday chain just send me a pm.  Or, if you're more comfortable give your date here and I'll be sure you get a birthday wish when the day arrives.    

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HAHHAHAHAHAHA - Lisa omg yes you would ask me how i am down under. And yes a visit from your little friend does warrant a cheeky how are you "down there".  I am laughing hysterically too but mine is due to the 3 glasses of wine  I have consumed this evening - I have no medical reason to be silly!

I reckon it wouldnt hurt to get the 2nd IUI. At the end of the day its to make sure you dont miss your O window so why the hell not. Make sure your doctor is looking up at you when you ask the question as you want to see his face rather than having it peering at you "down there"? Does insurance cover this 2nd IUI or are you completely self funding at this point?

Something ridiculous for you all -  I used a HPT and yes BFN ...please someone hit me over the head. How the bloody hell would i get a BFP when I was away from DH overseas. There was no action literally down there. I had sore boobs and i was getting paranoid. UGH! I am so dumb sometimes.

Helen - just so you know I was going to have kids when i turned 30 but I turn 34 this June so its kinda sucks. Maybe we should all have a pact that we will all get out BFPs in 2008. Surely even God can help us out on that one!

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Wine sounds like just the ticket.  I'll be drinking tonight since 2ww is approaching.  Oh my little Dee friend.  POAS when no action has taken place down there is very funny.  Hope is eternal!  I remember in Dec. when I didn't have any action down there I would have a day of feeling nasueas and think "Oh, hmmmmm...could I be pg?" and then "OH YES, there's been no activity down there this cycle...dummy.."   We are just so ingrained to being atune to anything at all happening to our bodies "down there".  Too funny.

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2 IUI's worked for several ladies on this forum, wannabemamma is one of them.  Doc's disagree though whether 2nd IUI improves your chances but sometimes you should do what feels right to you.  I would wait till your next cycle when you hopefully have more follies to have two IUI's.

how is your friend doing who gave birth to a baby with a heart problem?  Is it the same friend who made you and dh go to her baby shower?  That birth announcement must have been hell for you considering what you were going through.  I felt so bad that happened to you on top of all the pain you were in already.

Well, we are about to go look at some real estate in Austin since my parents are looking for a place to retire close to us so that they can help us with grandchildren that I am not carrying.  Fun-fun-fun!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll check in later when my parents go to bed.
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Hi girls thank you all for making me feel so welcome!  I'm doing okay...okay I guess that's a lie...LOL...not really okay....I'm hanging in there.  I really thought this m/c would be easier because now I know it only makes things worse to dwell on it...I'm dwelling...LOL.  Outwardly, I'm playing it off nicely though.  I go tomorrow for another beta.  I hope it is 0.  If it's going up I'm in trouble with that GTD thing.  They still haven't given me the results yet.  I'm calling tomorrow.  I really don't think I have it but who knows??  

babyalive-  I would do 2 IUI's.  I think my RE does that too.  We were thinking about doing IUI before I got preg.  Now I'm waiting for my RE to give me "the plan".  Where are you in your cycle?  

empty-  Nasal spray?  What's it for?  When do you get your IUI, any good follicles yet?  Shea is okay.  He goes in for a second knee surgery on the 26th.  You wouldn't know it though...LOL.  He''s a good boy.  How's your lab?  I know what you mean about taking HPT.  I actually took an OPK the other night b/c I didn't have a HPT.  I wanted to see if I had any HCG in my system...it was negative...hope that's a good sign.  I'm sorry for your losses.  I know how you must feel....  Is methotrexate a form of chemotherapy?  If I have this GTD I need to have chemo and I think that means I have to wait a year to TTC again....  Oh, today is Sunday and my b-day is Thursday...so yep...4 days...  

Heather-  How are you feeling?  Did you do IUI and get preg?  How far along are you now?

Helen-  Thanks for asking about my friend.  She had the baby the day I found out I was m/c.  How weird is that?  It was the one thing that made me smile that day.  We went and saw him the day after my D and C.  He's really cute and healthy looking.  They say he doesn't need heart surgery for like 4 months.  She was the one with the baby shower.  I must say this has been the hardest thing for me and DH.  It's almost been a year of this preg./m/c stuff.  It was funny dh kept saying, "Give the baby back,  We have to go."  I didn't want to put him down.  I just kept looking at his hands and his little face.  My dh refused to hold him.  

35 isn't bad I'm going to be 31.  So I'm not too far behind you. My RE said he should have my results in a few days.  That was Wednesday and still no word.  No news is good new..hopefully...
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Helen - my parents do the exact same thing. While I was visiting thye wouldnt let me carry anything or walk too far!! What! I am not even preggers! But they do take very good care of me and  I know I should appreciate it.

Amy- my doc here in Aust has put me on a nasal spray for a week (morning and night) and this to make my body go into menopause. They then start me on injectables in a week and then half the nasal spray. This then gives them complete control over my body. I think I am about 2.5weeks away from IUI.  While I had my 2 previous pregnancies naturally, a HSG showed a blocked left fallopian tube so IUI will be my best chance at this point. Yes methotrexate is a chemo drug and I couldnt TTC for 3 months afterwards.Bailey my dog is well - its very warm here today 37 degrees and he isnt the biggest fan of heat so he is lolling around pretending that he is 110 yrs old. He is 3.5 ys old!
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Empty-  Wow, the nasal spray sounds interesting.  I guess we don't do that here?  You must be so excited to start you IUI process.  Did they mention if IUI would help your chances of staying preg?  I'm just curious b/c I'm wondering if that would help me.  I guess your story is a little different b/c of your tube.  They can't do an HSG on me b/c I'm allergic to the contrast dye. My RE says I would have to have a lap. done to check out my tubes.  My dogs don't like the heat either.  Does Bailey love to swim?
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Amy,  I don't think Ian UI will help you stay pg, though it can increase your odds of getting pregnant.  I'm on cd 12 (I think - I'm really not counting this cycle!).  I have my trigger tonight, 1st IUI tomorrow and 2nd one the following day.  I do hope this cycle works though I am dissapointed that I only  had 2 decent follies.  Now they're telling me just one is mature enough, but they want to trigger for that one good one.

Helen, you will give them those grand babies!!  It's just a matter of time.

Dee, that protocol is so odd to me, to cause menopause and then restart your cycle.  It might be just the right thing for you though!  I really am pulling for you this cycle!!

Lexima/Mary/Fiona:  We miss you.

Heather,  I'm wishing you a day of zero nausea and pampering from dh!
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Hey Lisa and Amy

Here in Aust things do seem alot different. For eg IUI will always be done with injectables and very rarely with clomid. But for sure my protocol is very weird. Even here the nasal spray is always used for IVF only. My doctor is really aggressive in his approach and very certain in the way he does things. For eg in my first visit he had already put me down for Xrays, HIV tests, U/Sounds, HSG and for DH HIV and SA. You name it I have had the test! The good news with this is i guess I only saw him in Jan and by March I am already doing my IUI protocol - that truly is record time.

I dont think IUI will help me remain pregnant. But given the stats over here I have a one in three chances. Over here they give you 3 or 4 goes and recommend IVF thereafter.

Lisa- I am so excited for you. Is you trigger Ovidrel? I cant believe you have arrived already. I am so excited for you!!! You only need one eggie and the 2 IUIs back to back wont hurt.

Amy- Bailey is one werid labrador. We live near a dog beach and he hates swimming. He chooses to drink salt water and then has a weak stomach for the rest of the day.
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Amy & Dee, I may add Dear Sparky's picture back up to keep with the puppy theme.  He's not a lab but  he loves to wade in the water.   Not a big swimmer, but loves to wade and lollygag in the water.

That's funny that Baily doesn't like the water, but will drink the salt water.  (-:

BTW: You are all a bunch of youngens!   Nobody here can feel old yet because than that makes me the granny!  Young whipper snappers!
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Okay, here's the update...
My beta was moved from the 8th to the 11th (a scheduling mishap by the receptionist...ugh). I don't really have any symptoms or feel any different, so I'm just gonna prepare for a BFN. I started spotting (dark brown) last nite...probably right on time for AF.

I will keep you posted after the beta.

Hope all is well with all of you!! Oh, my bday is 11/8...I'm gonna be 30 this year!
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Helen - shot lesson 6th March (done)
Dee - bloods 7th March (done)
Lisa U/S - 8th March (done)
FiFi - med 8th March (yay - where are you Fifi)
Lisa - Ist IUI 10th March
Jen - testing 11th March (yay!)
Lisa - 2nd IUI 11th March
Magda - first shot 12th March
Heather - U/S 13th March (healthy baby/ies)
Dee - bloods 14th March
Mary - testing 17th March (hold that pee)
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Hi Ladies, I've been catching up reading your posts.  I hadn't laughed so much in ages.  Lisa and Dee you're the comedy double act of the year.  Never mind the country act Dee, I think you and Lisa should do stand up in Vegas.

ashort, welcome on board.  i'm so sorry for your loss.

well, i started gonal f on saturday and so far so good.  u/s and b/w on wednesday.

happy birthday helen.  i hope you had a lovely birthday. 35 is still very young, you've got plenty of time.  

i'm turning 40 on june 29 and i'm sick about it.  when i started ttc i thought maybe i can squeeze out two children before 40!!  how stupid was i.  now the years had gone by and i hoping maybe i can get pregnant before i turn 40.  i'm feeling so under pressure right now and don't know what to do.  i fed up putting my life on hold and not being able to make any plans.  i want to go home so much but can't and my family can't understand why i'm not coming home for my dad's anniversary mass.  he died april 30 last year.  he's been on my mind so much this weekend the it's all i can do to keep it together.  wednesday will be a year when i last saw him.  he got sick and died so quickly that i never got to see him before he died.  

sorry for the downer, i didn't really mean to write all that but couldn't stop.  maybe it's the gonal f.

294043 tn?1354207946
your nasal spray must have the same active ingredient as Lupron.  My first u/s appointment is on Thursday and I should start my Lupron injection that day if I get a green light.  Lupron basically acts as menopause so I am going to be your menopausal girlfriend here  :)  I have only one week of b/c pills left!!!  I will be starting (hopefully) my stims in about a week.  
My parents are really nice people who love me above everything.  They live for me and there is nothing they would not do for me.  However, since I am the only child I feel so much pressure to make them happy.  Sometimes I wish I had a reproductively successful sibling.

I can certainly understand the blues.  I never went home since I immigrated and missed my grandfather's funeral.  I hope you can send a good news home about addition to the family this month.  

I hope two IUI's will do the trick.

good luck tomorrow!  I hope your spotting is just implantation and you'll get that BFP!

I had a lap done few months ago.  Let me know if you are thinking about the procedure and have any questions.  Since you got pregnant twice on your own I don't think your tubes are blocked though and you probably don't need it.  

hate to be like Lisa's friend but "how are you feeling down there"?  :)
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Hi all.  Seems like I missed the comedy weekend.  You guys really make me laugh.

Helen:  Happy belated birthday.  35 is the new 21, so live it up! I'm very excited about you starting your stims.  Could be a baby brewing very shortly.  And how very nice it will be to have your parents close by when you need a helping hand.

Ashort:  Welcome to our little insane assylum.  By now, you must realize that the girls here are all a little "off".  By staying, you are admitting that you are one of us.

Fiona: I'm glad to hear that the injectables are going well so far.  Good luck with the b/w and u/s.  How often will they be monitoring you?  I think one of the things that make this TTC journey so difficult is that so much of your life gets put on hold.  I'm sure we'll all look back and think it was well worth it when we are mothers, but it is so hard while you are going through it.  It truly is all consuming.  Since you can't make it home for the anniversary mass, maybe you can arrange to have one said at your local parish.  It won't be the same, and your family may not get it, but it is something you can do for yourself.

Lisa:  I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 2 IUIs.  I guess we are starting a trend here.  It would be great if it worked for both of us.  We can call ourselves the 2 Follie, 2IUI, North of 40 sisters.  You know I am pulling for you.  Do you know what form of progesterone they will be giving you after your IUIs?

Dee: Thank you so much for the comic relief, and for your stellar record keeping.  Do we need to start paying you for the job?  Nasal spray ... yuck.  Any time I have ever used any type of nasal spray it makes me gag.  They all taste awful, run down your throat and make you uncomfortable for an hour.  Yikes.

Heather:  How is our group inspiration feeling today?  I can't wait to hear the u/s report.  I so get what you said about your parents and your sisters.  My relationship with my mother is similar.  While she is not what I would call self absorbed, she is very emotionally deteached.  I thin she is one of the reasons that I waited so long to TTC.  Whatever, that's her issue, not mine.  Anyway, hope you're feeling well.

Well, just one more week for me (unless AF shows up first)  I have had some feelings like she is at my doorstep, but nothing yet.  I am hoping that some of these feeling my be from the progesterone.  I am not planning of POAS - just going to go in for blood test.  Dee told me to hold my pee though, so I've been crossing my legs for days now.  Please Dee, let me pee!  My eyeball are starting to float.
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Mary, Mary, Mary,  I think Dee was drunk when she told you to hold your pee.  Take it from me, just let it all out..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............now doesn't that feel better?!  
Can not wait until your results!  When will you go in for you b/w?

Fiona, I'm glad we can give you some comic relief.  I think Dee and I were starting to think we were amusing ourselves and being a bit self indulgent.  So, I am very glad to hear my humor wasn't wasted on myself.    

On a  more serious note, I am so very sorry to hear about your father.  Please don't apologize for sharing that with us!  We are here to support and listen even when if it's not a ttc issue.  You handle yourself with such grace.  I like Mary's idea of doing something for your father at a local parish. Or, perhaps, you and dh can have some sort of candle light ceremony at your home and call your family to share stories?  I'm sure your father is with you supporting you on this journey.  He may have been on your mind this weekend because he is walking beside you holding your hand through this process.  

Oh Jen, the 11th!  Da*m that is just too long, ok.  Deep breath, one more day....

Helen, What did you and the family do for your b-day?  Did you secretly wish for a bfp before you blew out your candles?

I am compiling a birthday chart and will post it later.  

OMG...OMG....OMG...my friend just called me and in a very serious tone said YET ONE MORE TIME "How are your feeling down there?"   OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This time instead of getting upset...(I have told her countless times DO NOT ASK ME THAT!!)  I just started laughing hysterically.  She asked me what was so funny since she now understands she can't ask me that question during my 2ww, but I'm not in 2ww so why is it a problem?   LOL!!!!!  I just told her, you know I'm alright down there but you need to put that question to rest EVEN if I'm not in 2ww!  Hopefully she got it this time.

Oh boy.  So, Heather, how are things down there...down south I mean?  (-:

Amy, did you get your results yet?

237300 tn?1231454718
HI girls!  Thanks ladies for being so welcoming! I got a call from my RE's office this afternoon.  My HCG is 29...YAY!  It's down from 324 last Monday.  Since it's going down I don't think I have the GTD.  The nurse asked my RE and she said when she mentioned my name he said to her, "I haven't heard anything yet."  She said she didn't even have to ask him the question.  It's good to know I'm on his mind.  I really think he thinks I don't have it either...I made an appointment to set up "the plan" with him.  It will be nice to have a plan.  I feel like I'm in such limbo right now.  

Helen-  Yeah, I think I'm going to skip the lap for now.  I can't imagine my tubes are blocked either.  So I think I'll hold off.  My RE told me that in NY nobody will do an HSG b/c I am allergic to that dye.  It really was just a small allergy...LOL.  He says no way!  My RE says the lap doesn't hurt though.

babyalive-  I remember Sparky.  Wasn't he lost a while back?  You should put his piic back up.  I need to put a pic of Juney on here.  It's so hard to get a good pic though...she gets too excited when you take her pic.  Shea will actually pose. He loves to have his pic taken. Good luck today and tomorrow.  I thiink you chances will be good with 2 IUI's.  All it takes is one good follicle.

ms320-  Don't worry I'm a little off too..LOL.  I feel right at home.  I was on progesterone with my last pregnancy and it makes you feel pregnant which is much like the af symptoms.  I will keep my fingers crossed for you!  I hate to test...last month I didn't get my BFP until 14DPO...so you can always get a BFP late.  You might is well wait for hte doctor.

empty-  It's good your RE is aggressive.  I like that...my RE is a little laid back but I think he is wonderful.  Sounds like he tested you for all sorts of stuff.  I asked to have the m/c screening or else mine wouldn't have tested me.  I came back as having compound hetero.MTHFR but that's it.  He says that's not why I'm m/c.  It's good they don't use the clomid.  it thinned out my lining.  I think I would rather do injectables.  If the nasal spray works go for it!  

Have a great night everybody!  I'll keep you guys posted.  Thanks for letting me join in hte fun!


380530 tn?1239162538
Hi Amy,  Yes Sparky was lost a while back.  All is well now.  He currently has a little issue with his tooshie that I may take him to the vet for tomorrow.  I tried medicating it myself tonight.  I'll give it 24 hrs, see if anything changes.   I haven't given him any flea meds in 6 mnts or so.  I think he may have 1 flea. This happened to him once before.  He had 1, just 1 flea and got this huge rash on his behind.  Poor guy, he looks miserable....down there(LOL)    )-:

I'm really glad you don't have the GTD!  That is fantastic!!!
237300 tn?1231454718
babyalive-  Oh, poor guy.  Shea has been a mess. He will be 2 in July and he has had one knee surgery and will have another the end of this month.  In November he was so sick we had to put him on IV's at the vet.  Dh and I call him the $12,000 dog.  He has cost us a fortune at the vet.  Hopefully Sparky doesn't need to go.  Is he a Border Collie.   I thought that's what his pic looked lke but I can't remember.  

I'm hoping I don't have the GTD.  My Re said to hang in there a little longer.  My HCG is good though.

Do you know how long after it gets to 0 do you o?  I usually o around day 18 or 19 so I'm think I have a while.  I can't try till I have 2 periods...yeah, right...LOL.  I will wait one but 2 is pushing it...
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