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Accident caused stomach pain, also have stess/tension/anxiety

Hello. I am a 29 year old male. I've had GERD on and off for years. I have some stress/anxiety and that seems to be the major driving factor. About 4 weeks ago I was involved in an ATV accident. I ran in to a ditch and the handle bar rammed in to my stomach right under the rib cage. It hurt and was sore for days. It seemed to be getting better, but about a week and a half later it got worse. The pain that I had the whole time (located right where the rib cage meets the stomach) seemed to get worse when I was on a road trip.

I went to the doc and they sent me to the hospital. I guess they were concerned that it might be internal bleeding. They took a blood test at the hospital and everything seemed fine except my bilirubin was high. I think 3.1. They also gave me a ct scan with injected contrast. They said everything looked fine there. I was told the pain could be acid reflux. I was told to take it easy, eat healthy, no alcohol, and take 2 150mg zantac per day.

After a week my stomach was still hurting. I went to the doc for a follow-up and they told me to continue doing what I have been doing. They took another blood test and everything was fine, except the bilirubin. It was still high, but now lower at 1.7.

That was a week and a half ago. My stomach is still hurting. I haven't had the typical heartburn I'm used to. I have also had quite a bit of gas (could be the extra veggies I've been eating) and I'm getting a lot of noise from my stomach and lower belly.  I have added some aloe juice to my diet. I read its supposed to be good for ulcers, if that's what I have.  I've also been having a lot of sinus pressure that has made me dizzy. I have not been drinking at all.

Like I said earlier, I have had some stomach issues from stress. I guess my body handles stress poorly. Usually every 2 or 3 days I'll have a couple drinks and that seems to take away the stress. I also get tension. I clench my teeth, I get knots in my chest muscles, and I get pain throughout my body from clenching muscles. I don't try to clench anything, I just have a hard time relaxing those muscles. Again, alcohol seems to help the tension too.

Now that I have the high bilirubin and the warning not to drink alcohol I haven't had my alcohol to help. I've been really holding the tension and I wonder if its contributing to my stomach pain. I tend to hold my stomach muscle flexed when I am stressed. I also think that somehow the tension is causing the sinus pressure and dizziness. I had a fairly relaxed morning this morning and I didn't have sinus pressure. Yesterday was stressful and I was dizzy all day.

For stress/anxiety I have tried pretty much all of the SSRI's. They mostly didn't work or made things worse. I had decent results with one but the side effects were terrible so I stopped taking it. My dad also has stress issues and he takes 2 xanax a day and he says that helps him. My doctor won't prescribe that.

I take walks and baths. Try relaxing in a variety of ways but the tension/stress is still here. Some things help a little. I can't do any hard exercise or the stomach pain gets really bad. Any advice? I posted here because I really wanted to hear from people with stress related gerd. I'm not totally sure whats going on with my stomach, but I do know that I have a lot of stress that I need to somehow conquer. I can only imagine the tension is only exacerbating my stomach issue.  
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