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Anxiety OR GERD ??? OR WHAT?? Pls help

Dear Dr.

I have been on the heavier side right thru my high school days and offlate have increased a bit more after my marriage. Its 1 year that I have been married and have had varied health problems.

1) June to July 2010 - Suffered from flue initially and had a  bit of joint pains but it was not very prominent and was out of it in few weeks time. This was due to the wedding time rush and strain....

2) August to December 2010 - Used to get a sticky feeling near the rectal area which initially had foul smell and later reduced by itself. Underwent a test to check for piles, fistula,fissure but the tests showed normal. I continued with Absorb powder and have come out of it. There was no proper cause identified in this case.

3) Feb 2011 to till date - I am going thru another phase of health distress and this has ruined my peace of mind totally. In this case, My symptoms started around 3 months back with light dizziness and breathlessness. I first consulted and ruled out cardiac related problems, went thru ECG & TMT, everything was above normal. I was asked to meet a pulmonologist and got a breathing test and chest x-ray done, which was also normal. He put me on PAN 40 D and another muscle relaxant as I had stiff feeling and pain towards back of my neck and radiated thru my hands...I was getting restless as I would very badly gasp for breath and felt very low and would not get sleep...I carried a fear if this had something to do with my head/brain and consluted a neurologist and after his very basic examination, he ruled out any serious issues on the neural side and asked for an MRI, only if I wanted to rule out anything clinically. He felt this could be because of Anxiety and asked me to take Lonazep and Nexito for a weeks time...I felt good getting good sleep but did not complete the course after reading the side effects on the net (My bad). Mean time got a complete blood check up under consultaion of an MD medicine doctor and he was surprised to see a very good and balanced blood report even after me being overweight by 22 kgs. He said the root cause is Obesity and asked me to revisit my diet and living style. The problems continued still and was later asked by another Dr. at my home town to finish the Anxiety realted tabs sincerely. I did that and felt better with good sleep but was still not very fit and fine.

Apart from the medical issues, I went thru a mental tension and distress from Sep 2010 till March.... bcos of certain misunderstanding with my Wife which revolved around trust, love, past history....etc but we toghether overcame that but it took a toll on our peace of mind. This was discussed well positively and I have accepted things with right conviction and want to move on in life...I LOVE my Wife a lot :)

I always questioned my self whether this was the cause of my problems which lead to anxiety and somewhere I felt that I am forcing my self to think that this could be the cause. I felt it more because I have been in financial and job stress but I always had a happy mind knowing that am gonna come out of it but this one was of a different breed and was unable to make consensus.

While this continued in the back of my mind, I was done with the Lonazep course and again started feeling restless, breathless and what not. This time I ruled out that I am stressed and when, I again tried my web research and looked out clearly at my symptoms, I found a new thing which had similar symptoms :- GERD. My breathlessness, dizziness, burping post food to an extent complements this disease symptoms.

I somewhere felt that I have become hypochondriac and also found one common factor that Anxiety also causes GERD and in my case I was more feeling low as I was unable to explain to a DOC about my symptoms so that they could nail out something. Now I am planning to go for a GI endoscopy to rule out GERD issue. But one thing I have made myself clear that I am not stressed out in life and I want to live a happy life by accepting the present and forgetting the past. Pls suggest your thoughts on my present condition and what is the appropriate step to consider further...

Just FYI, - I have had kidney stone problem sometime back, a right leg ligament tear and a minor herniated disc. My eating habits are pretty normal as that of a non obese guy...I am active in sports and like to jog and keep myself fit. I drink over the weekend and have reduced my smoking to 1 per day which was on an avg 3 for last 6 years and offlate I dont feel like smoking....(even this worreis me :-) ).

Thanks and Regards,


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