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Please help!!

Hi im 26 and for about a yr and a half ive had a few problems. First i have a lump in my left breast and 1 under my armpit which dont feel painful but around them it is. It causes shoulder pain and pain all in my left breast i cant touch it or lie down on my front because the pressure causes pain. Also lying on my left side causes problems and lying flat but once it starts no position is comfortable. It radiates out into my ribs. Just below and just behind the bottom of my left breast i have the feeling that something is popping threw my ribs i have to hold this in to laugh cough etc as its scary and painful.  Also ive had stomach problems i get this feelin at the top of my stomach that almost feels like theres a brick sitting there i cant move because its so uncomfortable. I feel sick and have a feeling like something is stuck in my throat. Ive starting getting almost constant constipation. I have had a headache for two weeks nothing makes it better! Normally its my stomach that plays up the most which also causes me shoulder pain but these lumps in breast and under my armpit are growing and causing me pain too i dont know if there all connected but in the last two weeks they have all come together and i am now suffering with a high temp and and a constant headache. Can anyone help? I also have an under active thyroid.
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  Hi...I can not stress this enuff GO TO THE DR....u may have inflamed lymph nodes, but u should not be trying to DX this urself or think this can be done on the internet.

SO many of ur symptoms can be connected to one condition or several underlying issues and only being seen in person by a trained medical professional can really be of help.

We r here for support along ur journey

Please let us know what u find out <3
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