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Vegus nerve damage after nissen fundoplication

My husband had nissen fundolplication in 2008 at a VA hopsital. The doctor told him that he nicked the vegus nerve. Since the operation my husband has gone through hell.  He was given a sope fifteen hours after he'd eaten and there waqs still food in his stomach. He is 61 years old and suffers from extreme tiredness, gas, diaherria, bloating, constant fullness, depression and sleep problems. In the last two years he has developed hypoglycemia that seems to be associated with this surgery. The surgeon wants to re-do the nissen and we don't know what to do? Has anyone had this redone and what are your suggestions?
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Hi...sorry I do not have ne  suggestions or info to share on this topic...I do pray u find answers and help for ur DH.

U may want to get a 2nd opinion from another dr in the area.


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