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extreme gerd? hernia??

hi guys... bare with me as this will probably be pretty long. for the past few years i had some heartburn, wasnt bad... would just pop some tums and that'd be that. well in late 2010 (side note: I became very depressed and sleep deprived at this time, wasn't medicated for it at the time) i started feeling kind of sick (nauseous) before or after a meal. or just randomly through out the day. didn't think much of it. Then, one night in december of 2010 I smoked some marijuana (again, no idea if this has any effect just trying to be thorough) and that night i became very ill and vomited once or twice. since then, ive had serious bouts of nausea. Early 2011 i went to a GI who had a sonogram type thing done on my stomach and also an mri. neither showed any thing like blockages or masses. He wanted me to get an endoscopy done but i chickened out... terrified of this stuff. anyways. he said its a bad case of acid reflux and put me on omeprozale (one a day) and also vitamin E (forgot something, he diagnosed me with fatty liver disease as well, hence the vitamin e). Meanwhile my normal doctor put me on ranitidine for i think it was a few months. I was never 100% again but was pretty good for spring/summer of 2011. During this time i was on lexapro 10 mg a day and then went to prozac and decided to ween myself off it around id say august 2011. Well, september i became very sick when eating some mac n cheese. since then i have been really nauseous, i mean really nauseous. sometimes its all day for a few days in a row. ive barely eaten in this time. i mostly stick to plain turkey sandwhiches or more recently chicken soup. well, here lately ive lost a lot of weight and have been put back on ranitidine 300 mg a day and my omep was bumped up to 80 mg a day. at first it felt decent.. now.. food doesnt feel like it goes all the way down. it feels like it gets caught in my esophagus and creeps its way up a bit then eventually sinks down. i have no idea really what this could be but it scares the crap out of me. I dont know if its a blockage, just the gerd messing with me, or a hernia. either way its awful and im always at home sick because of it. i havent been myself for a long time. i dont want to live like this the rest of my life... also, i dont eat much,but i dont seem to have bowl movements much either.. even when i feel like i ate enough for a decent sized one.  recently i ate some spinach and pieces of the spinach was in my feces.. it was also this way with pieces of pickle a month or so ago. could it be a digestive problem? ulcers? all of the above? someone please give some insight.. thanks for your time.  one last thing, im very overweight. last month i weighed 399.. since then ive gotten up and excersized. i weighed myself the other day and my scale says 365... this cant be possible for one month? this also scares me because it seems like thats a severe drop in weight.
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Hi there,

When you have excess weight it is easy to get rid of it but just starting to be good to your body, i.e. healthy eating habits (5-6 small meals a day) and exercise and absolutely by not doing drugs!

Once you've lost some weight and eat a fibre-heart-healthy-diet and exercise, your bowels will become regular and you may not even suffer from GERD related symptoms!

It is all worth the try and stick with the diet and program until you are at a much healthier weight.  Then, if you still suffer from food getting stuck and GERD symptoms, then please DO have an Endoscopy and find out what is going on inside your body.

All the extra vitamins and minerals and serotin you'll get from exercising will help with depression also and you will be as fit as a fiddle :)

All the best and do keep us updated on your progress.
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