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pain that radiates to my back

I have had pain that begins right below my diaphragm on the left side and radiates all the way to my  back.  This pain is excruciating.  I at first thought it was gallstones but I thought that would hurt on my right side so then I thought I was just having an upset stomach. This pain does not go away and seems to get worse after I eat.  What can it be.  Can it really be gallstones.  I am thinking more in the terms of duodenitis.  In the past I was told I had a hiatal hernia but have not been checked for that in years.  I at one time had H-pylori but was treated for that.  This pain is becoming so bad i cannot eat or drink anything.  What can it be.  I need help. Please.
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You might want to have your pancreas checked but I'm not a doctor.  I just remember reading something about left side pain radiating to the back.  Hope you get to feeling better.
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