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Big Trouble with My Intestines

I have trouble with my intestines since childhood. I have done everything to make my intestines work but I fail. My digestive system is fine but when it comes to get rid of it, the problem begins. I can't defecate once in mornings ( I cant get rid of it at once). When I go outside, I have intestinal pain and urge to defecate. That's why I fear to go outside. I dont have a normal life right now. I am stuck at home. Please help me.
My medical history: 1) Had a treatment for PCOs a decade ago
2) Had partial thyroidectomy 3 years ago, since then I take 125 mg Euthyrox every day.
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Do you regularly take any narcotics and have you had your thyroid  and levels checked recently or any blood work?
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I have blood tests regularly, there is nothing wrong with the tests. But 3 years ago I had severe cystitis and had to take antibiotics.
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