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Bloating and Gas Problem

I had Abdominal Pain 3 weeks back but got fixed with Diet
From last One month having
Feeling of fullness
Loose weight around 4 kg (May be because I have reduce my diet as well and taking no sugar and less salt , eating no non veg food)
* From last one week
Gas Problem
Main Upper Abdominal Bloating (mid night as well)
Sometimes difficult to pass Gas(require Pressure)
Not Constipated but Not Clear Fully (need to go two time morning and Evening)
* Taking FODMAP Diet 90 %
No Artificial sugar
* Tried Probiotic  
Took Webbers Natural 4 Strain for 7 days
Started Align(24/7) from last 3 Days
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Are you asking about the origin of your gas and bloating symptoms?

Have you recently been to a doctor and if so, was it a gastroenterologist?  That would be ideal at this time.

Not to get too personal, but what is the consistency of your stools?  Constipation can look different than one expects. You can be constipated and still have bowel movements. Constipation is often involved for bloating and cramps.  


Do you strain at all? Not feeling empty after a bm is another sign of constipation. IBS is something to look into (irritable bowel syndrome) or gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying, which can cause bloating, nausea and even bowel blockage).  

You use a probiotic. Those can be very helpful (either pill form or in yogurt or drinks). You have to do it regularly for effectiveness. Regularly drinking water also helps. Exercise can also help.  

Please let us know if you have been to a gastroenterologist or if you plan to.
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Hi Sara,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, I have been to Gastroenterologist around in month of Jan 2020, At that time I had problem of Gas , Bloating and Discomfort in Stomach.  He recommended me "Align" Probiotic and Low FODMAP diet. And after that till three months I was fine but now since May 2020 , I am facing issue of cramps , bloating , gas , sometimes (upper abdominal minor pain or discomfort).  Consistency My Stools is Sometimes normal , sometimes hard ,In both cases I poop everyday but my stomach is not fully clear. I drink 1 litre water in morning when I wake up after that 2-3 three glass in the remaining day.

Yes I do strain.

I do exercise (daily walk and cardio , sometimes yoga ).

I might get his appointment in next month or so  but not early.

Pl recommend me Probiotics Product Name (or Name of Probiotic Strains ) for such Gas and Bloating and Constipation.

Thanks Again !

Waiting for your reply.

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