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Colonoscopy after effects

June of 2015, I had a colonoscopy done.  I was 55.  It was my first one.  I knew I had internal hemorrhoids but decided to make sure that was what caused the blood on TP and in the toilet at times.  I had to push the hemorrhoids in daily.  Anyway, I had the colonoscopy and from the day of it and since then, I have foul smelling mucus from my rectum.  Sometimes that's all I have.  Never had this until the colonoscopy.  In DEC of 2015, I was diagnosed with H Pylori.  Had that treated.  I also had a hemorrhoidectomy in DEC 2015.  I know have developed what seems to be anal stenosis....skinny stool, rectal bleeding and narrowing inside rectum.  The mucus continues and worse now since the hemorrhoidectomy, I know leak without being able to stop it.  I see my surgeon this week as another follow up to the hemorrhoidectomy and I hope he can fix what happened to cause this anal stenosis but no one seems to be able to help me with this mucus or tell my why the colonoscopy caused this...though they claim it did not.  I NEVER had this issue until the day of the colonoscopy and ever since.  What happened that made the colonoscopy cause me to now have mucus all the time.  I wish I had never even done either procedure.  
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