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Could someone please help me understand my pathology report from surgical biopsies?

I am a 28 y/o female. I recently had a colonoscopy and endoscopy following hospitalisation for vomiting blood. I know I have chronic gastritis but was looking for help to understand the biopsy results before my follow up appointment in a few weeks. Gastritis was found in the antrum and an area of emetogenic injury was noted in the cardia. All of this plus the following makes ZERO sense to me! Could someone please help me translate this information from doctor speak to something a bit more simple that I can better understand? Thanks so much!

Duodenum biopsy: benign duodenal mucosa with preserved villous architecture. Fragments of dudenal mucosa showing increase in chronic inflammatory cells with lamina propria and mild reactive changes.

Stomach biopsy: benign/gastric antral/oxyntic mucosa with mild chronic gastritis. Microscopic examination shows mild surface reactive changes/hyperplasia, mild increase in chronic inflammation and focal fibrosis in lamina propria.

-Esophagus, middle biopsy: benign squamous mucosa with mild reactive changes/acanthodians and rare intraepithelial lymphocytes.

-Colon biopsy: fragments of benign colonic mucosa with reactive/hyper plastic changes and focal lymphoid aggregates. Biopsy shows benign colonic mucosa with preserved crypt architecture, however mild focal crept regenerative changes noted.
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