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Diverticulitis Surgery

Hi - My Mom (75 yo Female) had diverticulitis surgery 5 days ago where they removed a large part of the infected colon and reattached.  She was doing wonderful the first two days and then she became very nauseous and vomiting for the next 3 days.  She's had a tube in her nose that was just removed today. They said her bowels had fallen asleep and needed to wake back up.  I'm wondering how much longer we can expect the nausea to continue now that they seem to think the bowels have woken up and have removed the tube?  Thanks!
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I had the same surgery years ago. It may take another day or 2 for things to settle down. In the mean time, make sure she has as much fluid as she can manage, even just sipping a little at a time will help. Also, if things haven't improved in the next couple of days, definitely, call her surgeon. Is she still on medication, like antibiotics, or pain meds? Those could upset things, also. hope this helps a little!
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She's still in the hospital and on pain meds.  Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! Makes me feel a little better. :)
Glad to help a little. Her still being in the hospital is good! And, those pain meds can affect the stomach.
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