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Feces bulging into wall of vagina

I am 32 year old female. Gall bladder removed when i was 17.
Grandmother died from colon cancer. No other family members with colon cancer. Other cancers but not colon.

For well over a year i have had constipation. It is constant. Some days are worse then others but it is always hard feces. I go every day and find i am going more then usual.

I have tried laxatives, I am currently on high fibre diet.

When i have to go i have to press down on the area between my anus and vagina (perinium???)to guide the feces out.

I have noticed blood in my stool BUT it looks like it is on the outside of the stool and does not drip out of me. I believe its from tearing anus due to large bm.

I am passing a lot of gas and feel bloated.

My biggest concern is when i am full of feces i can feel it bulge into my vagina. I cannot even put in a tampon as the bulge is so big. When i put a finger in my vagina it seems to bulge from the left side of  inside my vagina.
It may be common for women but i have never felt it before. Does anyone else get this?

I took the day off today as i am going to go to the doctor in the afternoon as i know something is not right.

ALSO, I hear a lot of people and the stat's show that certain cancers and disease's usually happen to people who are older. When i was 17 I had 8 severe attacks of stomach and back pain which lasted 20 minutes to 2 hours. The pain was worse then labour pain HONESTLY. 4 doctors and 3 hospital visits  and six months later I  finally was diagnosed with gallstones. They removed my gallbladder 2 weeks later
. Anyway my point is that it is extremely rare for a 17 year old to get gallstones but i did and so can any of you have problems that statistics show you shouldn't.

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You need to see a Gastroenterologist so he can view your colon to see what is going on.  He will be able to do this with a colonoscopy.
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Thanks for your reply.
I just got back from the doctor. It was a walk in clinic as i moved and cant go so far to see my doctor.
I explained everything to doctor and he is sending me for a x-ray and he wants me to go to a "stomach specialist" I dont mean to sound ignorant but is that the same doctor you mentioned? Also im wondering why hes sending me for a x-ray and not a colonoscopy.. Maybe the stomach doctor will do that.

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You're very welcome, and NO you don't sound ignorant.
Yes, you will be seeing a Gastroenterologist as this is their specialty. Only a Gastroenterologist  can do a colonoscopy.  An xray may show something, but the doctor knows it can't show everything and it's good that he referred you to a GI doctor.  You're where you should be, please keep us posted as to how you are doing and what you find out.  Take care.....
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yes my symtoms are back and stomache pain l ots of wind and my food is not digestin properly also my poop is mucas in on occasions any ideas what this might be also feel quite feverish at times
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Reading your description and symptoms above match what I have been experiencing for about 3 months now. I have been visiting my doctor weekly and have had multiple tests to no avail as yet, am just waiting to get an appointment for a colonoscopy. Did you have any luck with your symptoms? I am feeling a bit at a loss so it’s nice to know that others have experienced what I am going through.

Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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You ARE NOT alone.  I too have to help the stool exit as well.  At times I have rectal pain that I have been dealing with for 4 long years.  Sometimes if there is pain a RX for IBS called Dicyclomine can help if you have pain.  But this drug can bind you up as well.  I don't wish this on anyone.  
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Hello, I'm 29 not married never had a baby but I'm experiencing same problem is it normal?
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I am experiencing this too. The only way it stops is when I change my diet and sometimes I still have to guide it out. No idea what to do I'm only 22 and I don't have to have these prolapse issues. I went doctors all he said was drink loads of water or he will have to examine me which I don't even want to go down as I can't make this a bigger issue than what it is. Laxatives don't really work. I put it down to diet and being constipated but I don't understand why it gets misguided I guess we won't know. Please someone update us if any more info
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I have the same problem and my doctor said it's probably a rectocele, a type of where the intestine bulges against the vagina through a weakness in the pelvic wall.  My symptoms are incomplete evacuation, feeling like stool is pushing against my vagina (almost like vaginal birth!), unable to sit with pressure against my vagina, and it hurts to urinate.  It's pretty uncomfortable  I am 38 years old and had a C-section [which is supposed to make it less likely to get a rectocele compared to vaginal birth] but I guess I got unlucky.
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