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Hernia under left ribs?


I have upper left quadrant pain.

To be more specific, I've been having mild pain in one of my lower-most ribs on the left side for over a month now.
One rib feels especially sore to touch. Massaging that rib makes the pain go away. Sometimes the entire region feels sore to the touch. It is slightly painful to lie down on the left side.

Immediately below the left ribs, if you press the abdomen, you can feel something popping or crackling, and there is some movement inside (its not so if you press the corresponding right side of the abdomen). It's not painful if you press this area underneath the ribcage. But the rib itself is sore and slightly painful to press. Sometimes when I bend over I feel some movement in there, like some fiber is moving.

I had a doctor palpate my abdomen and she could not find anything. She thought it was a sore muscle or something. But I'm concerned about the movement beneath the left-side ribcage.

I was wondering if these are the signs of a hernia just underneath the ribcage, on the left side?
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Oh yuck my lung coming through?! I'm going to the doctors....
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I have only had pain under my left rib now for 2 weeks but it is constant and VERY painful! been to hospital had blood tests and xray, apparently nothing wrong with me! can't sit back. lie down or reach up. feels like something in there. can,t keep popping pain killers! what shall i do? I'm in agony.
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I'm SO happy I found this thread. The first time I ever had my "popping" happen I was scared to death. It happens when I bend down in a certain way doing every day tasks such as putting on shoes. It doesnt happen every time I bend over so I don't really pay attention to try to prevent it but when it DOES happen, man its scary! I can actually push it back into my rib cage but I never have enough courage to look in the mirror to see if its visable! I'm so glad other people are having the same problem because it's so hard to describe to anyone who doesnt experience it!

I have a small polyp on my gall bladder. I saw someone mention something about the gall bladder and i'm wondering if that may have something to do with it? I have no idea i'm just glad i'm not alone!!!
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I'm 15 year old and I've had exactly the same symptoms as all you's for about 5 year now..but, it's at my right side..its not exactly a unbarable pain, but it does hurt and is really uncomftable. I put pressure onto it, or get my sister to massage it because it seems to ease the pain, but as soon as I stop it hurts again. When I rub were my pain under my right rib I can feel something moving or popping out of place, and it is painful. I've been to the doctors and they have said there is nothing wrong with me..but there obviously is, and I'm just really worried as I seem to be the youngest one who has these symptoms!
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I have this same pain but on my right side, I have been diagnosed with costocondritis like 2 months ago, just recently started getting pain but I have noticed popping in my left side for years, when I slouch. But no pain not until recently. When I press on my right side I can feel a pop or click. No click on my left side though.. And the pain comes and goes on my right side only once have I had pain on my left side. When I do a full abdominal stretch I feel pain on my right side or on deep breaths
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My pain is similar. I get a sharp pain sometimes when I bend over. Its very painful.Sometimes I jerk back upright the pain is that bad and its still there. Right under my ribs on the left side. I feel a lump there and if I push on it it goes away a short while later. I've been wondering if I could have a hernia that high up.
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