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Involuntary vomiting after greasy food

Certain foods are triggering vomiting attacks right after eating them.
If I eat fried or greasy foods an urgent rush comes over me and I have to run
for the bathroom or even the front yard to vomit as I have no control and it is somewhat violent.
It started a few years ago. I ate 2 warm bread rolls with butter on them and an attack came over me
which actually lasted for a few minutes. My eyeballs were red raw. It has happened more than 20 times since.
Butter, fried fish or chicken, scrambled eggs, fish with warm emulsion sauces, warm mozzarella cheese,
anything with warmed butter.  I have had gastroperesis many years ago and non specific dyspepsia and IBD when stressed. I do have to be careful with chilli or alcohol as it seems to irritated my stomach but I am plant based with little oil, I rarely drink and eat lots of fresh produce. My sister had her gallbladder out many years ago and both my brothers cannot way butter as it makes them sick also. What could this be?? Any info would be appreciated.
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Hi.  So, this can be for different reasons and I'd talk to your doctor about it.  My guess is that from the link provided, acid reflux. Even if you don't often have symptoms of it.  https://www.healthline.com/health/nausea-after-eating#causes  Certain foods will make that worse.  For me, it is definitely fatty and processed foods.  Now if you have pain in your upper right abdomen and vomiting, that could be your gallbladder acting up.  When is the last time you saw a doctor?
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Thank you for your response. No upper right pain but I do get irritated in the stomach (upper left) with spicy foods. I mentioned this to my gastro last year but they thought it was a mental issue but it’s definitely not. I will talk to my GP this week. Thanks for the link.
I hate when they write everything off to a mental issue.  Sometimes that factors in because we hyper focus and every ache pain and whatnot is felt . . . but it's still there.  It's still a symptom!  Let me know what your gp says!
So of late I have also been having a stitch on the upper right quadrant (funny you mentioned that) under my rib. It’s constant. Followed by diarrhea that is a darkish mustard colour. I had a blood test and I have slightly elevated bilirubin.

Still getting violent vomiting attacks with buttery or rich foods.

Dr didn’t seem concerned but I must  say that I am. My concern is they are missing something.
Gosh, thanks for coming back and sorry that you are STILL having the issue but now with NEW symptoms. I don't get your doctor. Being honest, I'd consider a second opinion. Normally a yellow or mustard colored stool is attributed to dietary changes. However, it also can indicate that stool passes too quickly through the intestinal tract. The body is unable to absorb the fat in the stool properly, and fat is eliminated in the stool, giving it a yellow appearance. I do know that stress, anxiety and IBS can also cause this. But I sincerely think you should start at Square One with a new gastro doc. Is that possible?
Have you ever been evaluated for celiac disease? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/celiac-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20352220

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