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Nausea and Mysterious Stomach/Stomach-brain Issues

I have, the last to years, had mysterious issues with my stomach/gut-brain system. It all started for about 2 years ago when I had a stomach virus or something similar; feeling queezy, severe pain in the abdomen nausea and vomiting one time. Before that day, I was dedicated in lifting weights and grew a lot of muscle mass and I could eat all day with the biggest appetite (5000kcal pr. day).

After that I have led with constant nausea, periodic nausea and "pulsing" nausea, sudden nausea while eating (need to spit out the food and take a sip of water and continuing eating is very though), nausea when laying in bed 20-60 minutes after eating (subsides after staying awake for maybe an hour standing), belching, bloating, indigestion (felt like the food stayed in the gut for 8 hours sometimes), anxiety-induced nausea when taking public transport or in deep malls and similar where nearest exit is far away etc. Also, sometimes some time after a meal, usually in the afternoon, it feels like there is a big pressure pushing food is upwards so I have to concentrate to hold it down, but this goes away after a couple of hours with hell...

The nausea comes from the throat or head the majority of the time, and rarely from the gut. I feel like the nausea is very sensitive to become worse by stress and what I think of, and sometimes it can skyrocket if I cringe by what someone I overhear is saying. And no, I am 100% sure that this is not only a mental problem that is only caused by myself because I have never been this bad before. Sometimes the nausea I have when I am not eating is relieved for some seconds while and after I am yawning.

Now I have problems with eating together with anyone, but this is not a big problem the days I feel better. The strange with this is that some days and sometimes throughout the day I feel a lot better, and does not have any of the symptoms, but I still do not feel "cured".

First off, my doctor thought I had GERD and gave me the PPI's Nexium and Lanzoprazol. They have checked my bloodwork multiple times, but have not find anything wrong, except that my iron levels are very low recently (probably as a result of taking PPI's for 2 years now). I have also had a gastroscopi where they found everything normal and they said my gut looked very fine except from that it was bleeding easily.

The only pain I experience is from a spot on the left side from my navel, but the pain lasts very short and happens very rarely. This can happen just two times a month, but it is at the exact same spot every time. The pain can be described as if something in my abdomen was a ballon that is pumped up so hard as if it were to explode.

Else than that, other things worth to mention is that I have bowel movements regularly, but when I was at my worst the color of the bowel movement often was dark green, and I usually experience chills in my body even in hot environments. I have no acid reflux at all, and no chest pain. The symptoms doed not clearly depend on certain foods I ingest as I can eat the exact same foods every day and be bad some days and good others (7/10 days I am bad ~). My appetite are also lacking, even days when I almost never eat anything.

I have no clue what this is and hope you can help me find or suggest what is causing this. I need to be fixed as soon as possible because I have big ambitions as I am a person that many think can do really big, but this problem has held me back so hard for 2 years now. Come gladly with questions for further explanation. Thanks in advance!
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I will donate 1000$ to the person who can find out the problem. My doctors may be able to fix this, but I seek help from the internet because health care in Norway takes forever.
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Look up PANDAS. Perhaps that's worth testing for?
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sounds like anxiety is a huge problem for you. Have you spoken to a therapist about this? need to learn how to deal better with anxiety and stress. They play huge rolls in digestion and nausea.
I would probably stop taking the ppi. its not good to be on them for this long. do you even have GERD? or did dr just do what they normally do and give nexium meds to anyone who complains or stomach issues.
Do you take probiotics? If not, start taking a strong one, at least 30 billion cultures. When you had your bout of food poisoning or stomach bug two years ago it probably screwed up your gut flora. you need to get that balanced again. sometimes this just wont happen on its own and probiotics will help.
Thanks a lot for answering! I have stopped taking PPI's for several months now and the only thing they have diagnosed me once is gastritis and esophagitis after the endoscopy. I will take your recommendation to start taking probiotics, but the anxiety problem kind of comes automatically as a result of feeling ill. I am usually much better in the weekends and in the holidays or if I get great amounts of sleep (>8-12 hrs). My problem with sudden nausea while eating usually comes only after a hard workout, especially after abdominal training (this subsides some hours after the first meal, but then my stomach feels full and heavy for over 4-5 hours.

Thanks again, I want this condition figured out asap!
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Bump, please <3
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