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Should I still see the gastroenterologist?

Last year I had a stool test because of some blood in my stool and lower left side discomfort, the gp told me its nothing serious but booked me an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

Since then the discomfort and pain has reduced, haven't noticed anymore blood.

If I don't urinate at night and sleep on my right side, my left side would sometimes still hurt, but its not too bad.

I feel fine most of the time.

I had a letter from the NHS saying I'm still on the list, and asked if I still needed an appointment.

I'm not sure if I really should bother since it's not as bad as last year.

Most of my problem is my throat clearing, sometimes acid reflux or something causing watery sensations in my throat, so don't want to waste anyone's time.

Is it still best to go ahead with being on the waiting list? Or leave it?
I'm struggling to decide.
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Hello~I would go ahead and ask for the test, it is always best to have issues like this looked into even if the symptoms are not as bad.
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I understand how you feel.  At this point it is precautionary only as your symptoms have subsided.  I always have that issue that as soon as I give up the specialist appointment, the symptoms come back.  ha ha.  Murphy's law or something like that.  How old are you?  Any history of colon cancer in your family?  In the states, people have a routine colonoscopy starting at age 50.  But this is just an appointment with a GI specialist?  You could go to go over your symptoms you had and the gerd you still have.  Do I think it is absolutely necessary?  No.  Let me ask you this.  Had you had an increase in symptoms, could you have gotten in sooner?  
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