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Should I take a ppi without high stomach acid?

Should I be taking a ppi if I don't think I have high stomach acid? I did when the beginning of this all started (would wake up with a stomach full), but by the time I got the prescription, that particular symptom seemed to of subsided. I DO have other stomach and intestinal symptoms still. Never had heartburn or acid reflux.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I would ask your doctor for guidance.  They recommended the proton pump inhibitor and prescribed it?  I think if they prescribed it for a particular symptom and you no longer have it, I would consider holding off on taking the medication.  Like all drugs, these too have risks as well as benefits.  Things like a long term side effect on calcium metabolism that can lead to bone fracture or osteoporosis which is associated with PPI's.  There are other side effects as well.  Here is a full list https://www.medicinenet.com/proton-pump_inhibitors/article.htm#what_are_the_side_effects_of_proton_pump_inhibitors_ppis  

Is there suspicion you have an ulcer of any sort or location?  Or what other 'stomach and intestinal symptoms' are you having?  Unless there is an indication based on those, I'd hold off on starting the medication so you can be sure you are using the right thing to target what is going on now.  Best of health to you.
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Hi, thanks for the response! No, it doesn't sound like there is a suspicion of an ulcer. He didn't actually seem to be too sure about it though he wondered aloud about gerd (which I don't think it is) and then gastritis. At this point in time my symptoms are mostly intestinal pain (in the same area) and a sensitive stomach (certain foods it seems to be hating). With certain foods it really exacerbates the intestinal pain and spreads it from one spot to others including my back, indigestion, chest and shoulder pains (I think that's my costocondritis), and massive bloating.

Previous to this I had what seemed like a gallbladder attack but they found no gallstones. Did have excess stomach acid at this point and for a bit after but once I was able to regain my appetite/force myself to eat "safe" foods (I lost about 15 lbs due to not being able to eat), this symptom really seemed to subside. I told the doctor this but he was also examining my husband at the same time (they put us in the same room) and so it seemed like he didn't really pay attention to that part...
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