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Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis CRP

Hello, I am a 23 year old female and live in Texas and I have CRP. I was wondering what other treatment options there are for it. I was diagnosed about a month ago, but have been suffering from it since I was 17. In the beginning it was not as bad (since it was only by my stomach) but as time went by it seemed to pop up in other places like my chest, then about a few years later the foldings of my arms (elbow area) back of knees, and now... my neck. Before I had seen my regular doctor, and they had prescribed a steroid cream (like what they would treat eczema but it never helped. That is when I saw a dermatologist, they prescribed minocycline and before the bottle was done, it was COMPLETELY gone. everything was gone and I did not have any signs that it was ever there. The only downside is that sadly about two months later it is back... and I am back on treatment. anyone in the same boat?
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I know exactly how you feel, it's as if ants were crawling on your back biting the **** out of you or something. I've had chemo and radiation therapy and it brought my excema back out and made me dry as a bone. What you need to do is limit yourself on scented things, such as lotions, body fragrances,and hot showers/baths.
If you will go to Walgreens Pharmacy and purchase some VaniCream and Some VaniCream Soap, it is a liitle pricy but it works. And you can go to Wal*Mart or some place cheaper and get the Aquaphore. Okay you have to bathe in strictly LUKE WARM WATER meaning barely warm damn near cold and you need to limit them for about 5 minutes or less. Just quickly scrub your main areas using the VC soap, rinse off theraly, get out pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Then while naked rub yourself down with the VaniCream. Afterwards pack it into your skin using the Aquaphore (if you cant afford the Aquaphore use vaseline or some crisco shotening in the blue can not the yellow one sounds crazy but it helps believe me) you're going to rub the aquaphore on top of your skin after the VaniCream is applied. Yes you are going to go to bed sticky, but by morning you will feel so much relief seriosly look at me. Lubriderm and Jergens won't do because after five minutes you feel dry again and you continue to bleed out the sheets. And during winter do not have the heat up so high it aggrivates excema. Tell me if this works! ttyl
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That's the function of the drug. If it is back, then I suggest checking other parts of the body. It might not be only CRP.
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