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Constant shortness of breath


It's now been more than three weeks I experience constant (each second of the night and day) shortness of breath. It progressively slipped into my existence in the form of recurring episodes that lasted a few hours, and become more and more frequent with each passing day. Coming along with it was almost constant post-nasal drip, and periodic cough phases (I get an itchy throat once in a few days when the night comes) as well as a stuffy nose (my sense of smell is not affected). I also originally had chest/jaw/shoulder/back 'stabbing' pain arising with it, and from time to time a burning sensation starting in my best and spreading in my limbs, but the pain/sensation tends to come and go and got greatly alleviated with time. I have been to the ER twice in a month because of this, and they obviously haven't found anything wrong with me. I have had two complete blood panel, two EKGs, further hormone and vitamin level testings, a lung X-ray, an abdominal X-ray, a thyroid ultrasound and everything was normal except: the urea and poly eosinophils levels (low), and my peak flow meter score (250). For the last one, the doctor explained it by the fact I seem to have "small lung" and not a lot of strength; indeed, I am a tiny 21 year old woman with my 5'6" - 90 lbs, and nobody can find the underlying cause of my skinniness (no, it's not anorexia) I always wake up with odd pain, yesterday I even woke up with sharp pain in both of my tibias and still have it. Now, what I would like to know is...what could explain this constant shortness of breath? Lung or cardiac problems (I haven't had further exams in these areas)? Allergies? Possibly (allergic) Asthma? GERD? Anxiety?

I have episodes during which the shortness of breath is even worst, I noticed that it's usually when my nose gets really stuffy, and my post-nasal drip is more abundant. I had something similar happening to me last summer for a month or so, but it was only periodic shortness of breath (not lasting more than an hour here and there) with practically no pain at all, but post-nasal drip as well, and nausea (which I haven't experienced in a while). It progressively disappeared at the end of the summer, and perhaps randomly came back a few times during the winter but always quickly went away, not lasting more than an hour. Only to come back episodically around mid-march, and it never left ever since.
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I have suffered from shortness of breath from time to time. Nearly 2 years ago it just happened one day and stuck with me for months. I rushed to hospital one day because I couldn't breath properly at all. All my vital signs were normal but the doctor believed it was something phsyical and not anxiety but could not put his finger on it. Considering you've been through the mill with scans and tests I would put yours down to anxiety. Certainly worrying about your health will be instrumental in additional to anxiety.
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Mine is not from time to time though, it is literally constant. I have trouble breathing every second of every night and day. It is hard to believe anxiety would cause me to have that perpetual symptom. But then again, who knows...Coughing and PND cannot possibly come from anxiety as far as I know.

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Not sure about your shortness of breath but as for your light weight. Have you ever had a colonoscopy with a biopsy and a endoscopy? I am 5'10" and I weighed at my best of times 120 lbs. I went to a specialist and had both of those and turns out I have a fructose intolerance and majority of the things i ate were not being absorbed into my system. I was put on a diet and literally within 6 months I had gone from 120 to 200 lbs. This was mainly because my body did not know what to do with all the nutrients so I fluctuated in weight and lost between 5-10 lbs almost every week for a few months. Now I am at a good weight of about 160 lbs. I had tons of blood work and what not and it doesn't show up in any of that, it could actually also explain the shortness of breath if you are always tired also. I don't know its definitely something to ask your dr about and see if maybe that is a feasible cause.
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