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Frequent dizziness and vomiting

Hi Doctor,

In the evening of Monday last week, my father suddenly dizzied and vomited while he was on walk.Meanwhile, he felt faint and numbness. After examinations including CT,DWI,MRI and MRA, it shows no problem in his brain,spine and heart.But from last Thursday, he dizzies and vomits seriously everyday. Each time it begins with  palpitation and lasts 2 or 3 hours. One doctor suggests the cause is anxiety and should take anti-anxiety medication including lorazepam tablets. But after several times treatment, there is no improvement at all.Could you help to give us some suggestions about this situation.
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I would like to add some background,
My father is 56 years old and likes drinking and smoking. When he dizzies, he feels no spinning of environment.
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Vertigo can cause this and that can be due to inner ear issues.  Eustachian tube dysfunction is something I have and have suffered this.  An Ear Nose and Throat doctor helped me.  My husband after a cold had an ear infection which caused this.  It's cold and flu season.  Not sure about the palpitations part as that is not related to ear issues that are our center for balance (and why we get dizzy often --  and extreme vertigo will make us nauseated and vomit).  Does he have anxiety when he feels the fullness in his ear or the dizziness start?  

So, if it is a heart issue (but heart is fine)---  he should wear a heart monitor to determine  If it is an ear issue, he should visit an ENT.  

So, either way, he needs further professional evaluation.  good luck
Very thanks for your kindly help, he claimed he had not anxiety when the symptom came .But I guess maybe he is not aware of the anxiety by himself. Actually he always worries about his work and family. And I can feel he also worry about his health when the symptom comes.
Now he just finished the Holter  and will know the result tomorrow.                              Thank you again!
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