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Head heaviness is driving me crazy

Head heaviness

I don't know what to do anymore,  my head always feels heavy,  I have a weird feeling inside when I'm walking inside my house my headlm looks likes it is going to fall bellow my neck,  if I stay still, my eyes and cheeks also gets a weird sensation and I start to tremble,  yes I shake like crazy, then I go back to my room to lay down, that's the only way this annoying feeling stops.
Outside home is the same thing, one week ago i went to a doc appointment and I couldt get one moment of piece, my neck hurts , acts like it cant hold my head properly  and i have to sit down but even sat down my head sways , like my brain is making an effort to faal, I always have this feeling inside my mind that I will lose control and fall any moment , sometimes I feel hopeless and start to panic.
I don't know if all these things is related to tuberculosis,  this illness I started to fight with medication 18 days ago, but the heavy head symptom I'm struggling for months, it sucks any moment I move, walk, even taking a shower I feel dizzy, heavy head,  my neck  and head hurts when my body is upright,  the only relief is staying all day on bed. What I have to do to get rid of this?  Should I visit a neurologist? Neck
Is this normal for a person who lost weight to feel those symptoms? Yes i know i should ask to the doctor,  bit i at this moment I'm restricted to the pneumologist doc.
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Hello~You really do need to see a doctor about this issue. I also suggest that possibly seeing a chiropractor would help. You may have some pinched nerves in your neck causing these issues. The chiropractor will take some x-rays of your neck, study them and then go over the results with you. A few treatments might really help you.

As to a type of doctor to see, well, I would say a "neurologist"
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