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Is there any natural remedy for it?

I was born with hydrocephalus. That said, after 25+ surgeries all I have to deal with is short-term memory weakness & feet that fall asleep as a result of the medication to treat the hydrocephalus (& I’m seeking a natural remedy for my feet falling asleep).
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If you are wanting a "natural" approach to healing, I would highly suggest seeing a reputable Naturopathic physician, they can give you tests and supplements that most conventional doctors are not aware of. When I was living back home in the states, that was my main doctor, I loved them.
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Thanks for the input. I’ll make a PDF from the link for future reference.
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Liberty, you might also then like to know that there is some recent preliminary research into taking ketones orally, “the [ketone diet] in a pill.” One thing taken is MCT oil, from coconuts.

Good luck to you, I hope something works out.

That's "Ketone Administration for Seizure Disorders: History and Rationale for Ketone Esters and Metabolic Alternatives"
Thanks for the information. I’ll keep that in mind.
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If you are taking the carbatrol because of seizures from the hydrocephalus, you might like to know that fasting has long been used to prevent epileptic seizures. The reason is maybe/probably that the ketones, especially the one called beta hydroxybutyrate, act on the nervous system. Then came the keto diet, which also generates BHB. This is all a separate matter entirely from whether the keto diet should be used for weight loss or not.

But there is more complexity and disagreement to it, so your doc might very well not agree to trying.
"Do Ketone Bodies Mediate the Anti-Seizure Effects of the Ketogenic Diet?"

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That sounds like a frustrating situation.  Do you mind  me asking the name of the medication you are taking and then I can search if there are any known tricks for the feet issue?  
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It is carbatrol.
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What medication is causing your feet to fall asleep? Are you sure it's the meds? If you haven't already discussed this with your doctor, be sure to do so, since that could be a sign of something else.

I'd be really hesitant to tell you to take something natural (or not natural) with your medical history and not knowing what other meds you're on.

I don't know if this would apply to your meds, but I take medication for migraines. I take 50 mgs at a time, and if I take a 50 mg pill, I get all kinds of side effects. If I take two 25mg pills, I don't get the side effects. I don't know if your meds come in smaller doses, but it might be something to try. My neurologist thinks I'm nuts, but prescribes them that way anyway. :)

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Noted. Haha. Well, in all honesty, I’m seeking a more organic (less-pharmaceutical) remedy to this nuisance. Thanks for your input, though.
Em, maybe the dye in the 50mg pill is the problem. Different color than the 25mg? Excipients (like dyes and fillers) are known problems for people with over reactive immune systems (especially mast cells), and patients sometimes go to compounding pharmacies to get pure drugs.
Could be, but the side effects I get are all well-known side effects of the med.

That's interesting, though. I need to pay more attention to that. This particular med always looks the same, but I have others that change monthly, depending on which pharma company the generic is from.
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