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Low Grade Fever

Hello, I have been having an low grade fever for a month or month and an half as of today? I just finished up my antibiotics (Augmentin XR) today also. Still have an low grade fever that goes from 99.0-99.9 & symptoms also include: sore/stiff neck, very sore throat (off & on), hoarseness (off &on), serve headache, drainage into my throat, serve facial pain, sinus pressure, body aches and ear aches. I was diagnosed with an ear & sinus infection. I'm prone to getting sinus infections every Spring & Summer--which is nothing new. But, in this case? These are very new symptoms & my infection is usual gone in a week or so? Why is my infection & fever still hanging around? My symptoms are worse. By the way, I have not had an ear infection in 17 years. This is my second prescription of antibiotics. Cause the first one did not work. Which was Zithromax. I do have allergies (including indoor allergies--dust, mites,etc.)--which I take Allegra daily. I do have an appointment to see my doctor on Aug. 7th, I can't wait that long! I called the triage nurse she told me to come in. I don't want any more drugs!!!! I want them to do test--detailed ones at that! I never had a fever in my life that lingered like this.I have tried everything to break this nasty low grade fever of mine. Taking cool/cold baths, fever reducing meds (Ibuprofen)--still does not work. Calms the fever down for a while, then comes right back. And including using a cool compress on my forehead & eye area--that does not work either. Only for a few--which is a great relieve!  Do you think the infection has spread else where? or I might have something else going on in my body?
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hi mam
i would go the nearst emergencyroom and get checked out again okay . and maybe even see a ear nose thorat doctor and ask your doctor to refer you okay please feel better mam goodluck on feeling better
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I have a problem with low grade fever, which used to occur for 6 years in spring and summer-time, but now I have it constantly for the last two years. Quite detailed blood tests seem fine apart from elevated IgE (1000), no visible signs of allergy, but I developed lately post nasal drip. Anyone heard what may cause such symptoms and how to cure them? Thank you!
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My mom and I take Elderberry in capsule form.  Since I started taking it, I have not had a sinus infection, bronchitis or a cold.  It seems to be helping my asthma also.  - I don't know what it contains, but it works.  My mom takes it because she gets sinus infections and lots of hacking in the morning.  It has also stopped her sinus infections and runny nose.

   I hope this home remedy helps you also.  -  On bad days, like when there is smoke in the air or the day is particularly humid, we might have to take an extra one later on in the day.  Otherwise, we just take one a day.
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You can kill dust mites with fabric softener diluted in water.  Spray this on your bed and on the carpet around your bed.  I do this every night.

Every so often strip your bed, place fabric softener sheets all over it.  Leave them for at least 2 hours.  Then remove them and vacuum your mattress.  Dead mites stink!!
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