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Mystery Illness - Exhausted

Hi! I am not sure which field of doctor that I need to see, as I am struggling with a 'mystery illness' . In a nutshell, I have had extreme exhaustion for several years, punctuated by short (hours long) spurts of energy in which I rush to get everything done, because once those hours end I have days or weeks of sleeping round the clock, feeling as if I'm walking thru quicksand, aching in my bones, with a foggy and worthless brain. In my good hours, I am quick, energetic and intelligent. I have been to several GPs and had many blood work ups done, all indicating nothing. My last bloodwork was this Feb - zip. I eat well, sleep A TON, and have eliminated as much stress from my life as I can. I AM overweight - but this has been due to eating sugar constantly to be energetic enough to make it thru my workdays for the last ten years. Last September, I quit my job and since then have stopped my sugar habit completely (since I can sleep all the time) and have already lost thirty pounds. This does not help my symptoms, however. I simply don't have to 'force thru' my days anymore. I have had depression in the past, and been put on Lexapro, which worked well while I needed it. It did not help my physical symptoms at all though. I have stopped taking it since I recovered from my depressive episode. I do not believe that I am currently depressed at all, although I do have a fairly stressful home situation - caring for a spouse with crippling major depression. I do have many problems with allergies - both external (animals, pollens, dirt, dust, etc) and food allergies (oral allergy syndrome) and intolerances. I have been helped by not eating gluten for the last three years. I am asthmatic. This brings me to now: Quite by accident, I have discovered that Claritin D (with pseudoephedrine) alleviates NEARLY ALL of my symptoms. I have taken it the last two months for spring allergies, and while I'm on it, my energy levels become normal, I think clearly and more focused, I sleep better and much, much less. I know I'm not supposed to take this indefinitely, but it WORKS. What should I do here? Thank you for your help - I really have no clue still what it is I'm struggling. I feel as if I'm fighting a dragon that I can't see.
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Vitamin and minerals deficiencies can cause your symptoms.

Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
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