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Phlegm for past 4 years

I’ve been having phlegm where I have to constantly clear my throat or I feel it i my upper throat/nose area. It’s not liquid like, but thick. I don’t have any health conditions and don’t do drugs/drink alcohol. No sports and I drink a lot of water. This has been going on for 4 years. What could be the cause and what should I do?
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Hello~Have you been checked for food allergies, sometimes they can cause the issues you are having.
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Hi no food allergies from what I know. It all happened 4 years ago when I got sick, I got all better but the phlegm never went away.
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That sound slike a pain and you've had it for 4 whole years?  Do you also have a cough? Are you a smoker? Let me know about the smoking or the cough.  Otherwise you could have non allergic rhinitis?
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I don’t have any other symptoms, no coughing or fever. Aside from the constant phlegm, I’m completely healthy. No smoking or drugs of any kind. Rarely drink alcohol. No one around me smokes. It’s been a constant thing everyday for 4 years.
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