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Sore throat and feeling of tight throat or pharynx.

- For a few days now, about 20 days to be exact, I have been having a sore throat when I wake up, along with what seems to be a somewhat swollen throat. This sensation, which is quite annoying, persists throughout the day. Luckily I have been coping with it because the sore throat as such is not unbearable, if not mild. But there are certain times of the day when I am more aware of this sore throat, such as in the evening before I go to bed to sleep, or in the morning when I just wake up. However, the feeling of having an inflamed throat or pharynx (I don't know exactly what it could be) does not go away, but persists throughout the day, and it is too annoying a sensation because it makes it somewhat difficult for me to swallow, or even to breathe.

At first, because of the symptoms and so on, I thought it might have been a mild pharyngitis, which would go away after a week. But as I told you, it has been about 20 days now and the symptoms are the same, there has been no relief, other than that I have started coughing these days. Something I did not do before.
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Hello~It sounds like you may have a form of GERD-Acid reflex, this can certainly cause the feelings you are having. If it continues, I suggest seeing your GP. In the meantime, trying drinking 2 ounces of pure, aloe vera juice in the morning and night, it helps with the burning. You can get it at most health food stores. I drink it once a day, it helps immensely with the burning in my throat.
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