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Smptomsy similar to GERD

Hello and thanks for replying!
I ask for help from Uganda where I am volunteering.

Almost constant burning throat for two months. Intermittent lump and sores in the throat. Intermittent and mild pain in the right side of the chest. Normal stools every day. No other pain (excluding three-year chronic shoulder pain). I sleep well at night. I swallow without problems.

Spoke to various doctors. According to them: tonsillitis, lung infection due to mold, stomach infection, reflux, weak LES, hiatal hernia, allergy, anxiety, stress, malnutrition, ibuprofen ulcer, too much fasting...

Tried antacids (pepto, gaviscon..) but stopped because they increase the burning sensation. Instead I find relief with throat lozenges, cloves, ginger, or by rubbing vics on my nose and throat.

On medical advice, I have eliminated citrus fruits, vinegar and pineapple from my diet but when I try to eat a little of them the burning sensation in my throat decreases.

I have been taking Pantop-D, breathezy-L, Avamys spray for 3 weeks and I see minimal improvements. I also occasionally take carbolithium and other supplements (melatonin, bromelain, calcium citrate, vitamin D, Omega-3...)

Lung X-rays OK. Abdomen and neck endoscopy OK.
Also done many blood and stool tests and everything is normal except very high iron, calcium and low proteins. H.pilori, covid, TC, HIV, Siphilis, Hepatitis, Typhoid negative. I can't do gastroscopy nor barium swallow unfortunately.

Advices? Does it make sense to do tests like trying to eat on an incline (TRENDELENBURG), or bicarbonate or ACV tests for stomach acidity?

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Hello, it appears that you have had all the right tests and for the most part, all are normal, which is good. The one thing I would try is drinking 2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice a day, this has helped calm my acid reflux down a lot.

I am also wondering if you could have Candida? This is a yeast infection in the gut and can cause all the symptoms you are having. The best way to find out is by a stool test and also food elimination. You would first start to stop eating wheat products as wheat is a major contributor to Candida, try this for about a week, if you stat to feel better, than chances are good that it is Candida or even food sensitivities. Next, avoid all yeast products and sugars, again, both are contributors to Candida. Have you ever taken long-term antibiotics? These can remove the "friendly" bacteria from your gut, thus making it possible to get Candida. There is a excellent book by Dr Crook, that is excellent. Here is a link to some info on it.  https://yeastconnection.com/ I think it certainly would be worth checking in to it.
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