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Thermometer Guidance


With the continuing spread of Covid, and the importance of understanding fever as an indicator of illness, I got to talking with friends about thermometers, and this led us to an inquiry.

Is it there safe/normal to take a rectal temperature as young adults? In any opinion, professional or otherwise, How common/abnormal is this practice? I understand it’s largely reserved for those where the accuracy is paramount, such as the extremely young and environmental illness cases, but could it also be common  practice regardless of age? While minimally invasive, for home use it could provide the most legitimate measurement for diagnosis, but on the same note, we’ve never actually met/heard of anyone comfortable doing this.

Thanks for the Help!
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I think it is safe but is just inconvenient.  I use a forehead thermometer. Non invasive, accurate enough.  
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Hello~I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be safe to take the temp rectally, you would, of course, have to be able to insert it correctly because if not then, you could hurt yourself, but other than that, if you have more peace of mind with taking it that way, I think it should be fine.
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