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What is wrong with me???

I'm a 19 year old female. I try to be healthy, but I am in college. For a little over a year I have smoked on and off, but more off than on, and when I do smoke I don't have more than 4 cigarretes in a day.
I exercise regularly and try to stay active, but it's getting hard. I find myself being fatigued all the time lately. I have to force myself to do anything. It's hard for me to do school work. It's hard for me to sleep, hard to wake up. Sometimes I'm nauseated and sometimes I simply don't have an appetite, and then sometimes I get these awful cravings and eat like a raving beast. So without even trying, my weight keeps going up and down by like ten pounds....
I'm not pregnant for sure.
I'm achy a lot. My knees especially - but I've had three knee surgeries in one knee and I figure the other one just has problems from my running.
I used to work out all the time, and I still do, but now after my workout I get cold and feel ill for hours. I get terrible abdominal pain and my feet turn into ice-cycles. My feet are cold a lot, and sometimes they turn purple. They go numb sometimes even when they're warm, though, and sometimes they're tingly, especially after a workout. They're purple and numb and cold as I speak. My calves have been feeling "crampier" than usual, too.
I get itchy a lot. My head itches, but I have pretty dry skin and have had problems sleeping lately, so that could be why.
I'm achy a lot - for seemingly no reason - but sometimes I feel like maybe it just bothers my joints to weight lift or run? I don't know...
Lately, though, even my muscles have felt "tired" literally like they don't have as much energy as usual.
Sometimes my feet hurt and get bruised, and I don't know why.
I keep getting iron deficiency anemia on and off, but  I am only slightly low on my iron right now, like an 11 hgb or whatever. I was an 8 for a time, but it's never been super severe.
I get sick a lot, though, especially in the past year.
About a month and a half ago I had bloody stool and severe abdominal pain. They didn't test me but said it was probably shigella because they had seen two cases of shigella in my hometown that week - only problem - I don't know anyone who has had shigella, and they never tested me, so how can they know? The PA put me on an antibiotic and said it was shigella. The blood went away, but the intestinal weirdness continued. I get constipated and have diarrhea a lot.
Since then, I have had really bad on and off back pain at my low back right above my tail bone (in the middle) - lumbar spine - for over a month. It hurt to bend over and to walk sometimes.Then it started spreading up and I got pain in my abdomen, and I got pain in my lower abdomen; it radiated along my hip bones. Then it spread up to my sides under my rib cage, and it hurt when a doctor would put pressure on my back in the spot parallel to where it hurt in the front - on the sides under my rib cage. They did a urinalysis and a pelvic exam and found that I had a yeast infection. It was really bad apparently, because they gave me a week-regimen of fluconazole. It helped with the back pain for a couple days, so I thought that was the cause of the back pain, but now my back is starting to hurt again (I'm still on the fluconazole 150).
My neck hurts a lot too, but couldn't that be stiffness from classes and doing homework on my computer?
I grind my teeth, so it's not unusual I have teeth and jaw pain.

Today I noticed a hard lump on my first or second rib - the one between collar bone and breast. I also have a super weird bump on my hyoid bone (right in the middle of my neck). A nurse practitioner looked at me for two seconds about a week ago and told me it looked curious and perhaps could somehow be a lymph node that moved under my hyoid bone, but that doesn't make sense! Because it's still there, and if I had a little virus wouldn't it have gone away? Plus, how would it move under the hyoid bone? And it's spreading down. I now have a second bump that's a little more than an inch lower than it. My throat isn't really that sore, but I do have a cough. The bump does make me feel dizzy if I push on it... but it's in my neck so like...? Idk... The bump on my throat really does scare me. a lot. but you can't get cancer after only a year and a half of light smoking can you? at my age? that seems ridiculous...
I feel like I'm overanalyzing everything... but I can't pretend anymore that all of these frustrating symptoms aren't impeding my life! It makes it hard to function as a student... Like it's really hard.
My feet right now are numb and it's spreading up my leg.. like what is this?
I get dizzy and nauseous sometimes. I am tired all the time... I have to drink an energy drink some mornings just to drag myself to class.
I keep getting all of these flu like symptoms and like yeast infections and I feel fatigued fast. I thought I had mono. But I never seem to get better and my white blood count is neither high nor low so it isn't an infection or a virus. And I've been coughing up like a white foamy mucus and it could be thrush? OR god knows what?

What could I have does anyone know??
I just need to know opinions... I never say the symptoms all together like this and it makes me feel ridiculous.. usually I just go in for one thing or in for the next... And the hands and feet and fatigue and stuff like that I just live with.
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Quick question: were you ever abused as a child?
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Sounds like you need a thorough physical, rather than visits to a PA and band-aid solutions. College can be stressful and the work a bit overwhelming at times. You may have some circulatory issues with the numbness that should not be ignored; or perhaps you are exercising too much along with all the work you have to do. Energy drinks are also known to cause issues, so leave them alone and opt for good old water instead. Google energy drinks and see if you find anything that goes alone with your symptoms... but you need to schedule that visit to a physician, preferably an Internist, to have a full evaluation. Also stop smoking NOW as that will affect your circulation as well. The best and most sure way to stop: DO NOT BUY ANOTHER PACK -- EVER... If they aren't within reach, you can't smoke them. Speaking from experience as someone who lost my stepdad to emphysema and have a COPD myself: bronchial asthma. Smoking can cause a myriad of problems!!!
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   Please do see a doctor asap.  The lumps could be lipomas or cancer.  Cigarette smoking takes oxygen away from the cells and doesn't permit them to heal.
    I am hoping that these are simple fatty tumors, but because they are growing, they need to be checked out asap.
    I don't mean to scare you, but, sweetheart, even little children who don't smoke can get cancer.
     Please take care of yourself.
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I get some of the same symptoms I have finally come to the conclusion it is the toxins from all the aerial spraying they are doing, so ask for a heavy metal toxicity test ..and watch 'What on earth are they spraying' its on utube ..Nasa has admitted to the spraying its a military /Government program
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   Yes, I agree.   We need to watch out for the chemtrails.   We see them being dumped over different areas and one day as we were driving into a particular city, it suddenly got "foggy" with the spray or chemtrails from the airplanes that had just passed overhead.  Scary.
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Yes its a big problem ..there are petitions and marches being planned to stop it, it is even affecting my plants and trees now never mind my health
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Try an app called My Symptoms. Great analysis and reporting capabilities and helped me to discover a mild gluten sensitivity that gave me severe abdominal and back pain for over two months. It will track food, energy level, symptoms etc.
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Hi TaylorRae,

I think its a mistake to go to anyone and just tell them part of the story. Maybe is they knew everything you are experiencing they would know how to help you. My advice is to print off this post you made and take it to a reliable Dr. Have him/her read it or read it to them. I find that if I write everything down its easier to get my point across and it doesnt make me as anxious.

I do think you are dealing with something potentially dangerous. Please take action now. Waiting is never a smart way to go. Be blessed and good luck.
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