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hip back and groin pain

hello, im a 32 year old female, i have 3 children. youngest, whos 2 has a perminant boken leg due to nf1.
For 7 months now ive expirienced right sided groin pain.. at first it was just tender and i had blood in my urine and was told it was kidney stones and had a xray but no stones found. full bloods and internal swabs all normal.I had last had an utlra sound of my uterus and kidneys when my youngest was 4months old, that was fine. gradually the pain had progressed to my lower back and right side of my back.. been to my doctors so many times. one doctor said it was my sacroiliac joint. Since then ive had 2 uti's. still pain in my back and right side of back sometimes i walk funny cuz its so stiff. Ive had a internal examination and a ultrasound of my uterus, overies and kidneys last week which were all normal except one 2mm kidney stone in my left kidney. also blood in my urine again and a few white cells. I now have sciatica and my groin pain is more of a constant dull stabbing/pulling than a pain, worse sometimes better others.its never bad enough for me to stop what im doing, Sometimes when im sitting and i move quickly it sends a shootin pain down to the top of the inside of my leg. or just pulls in the actuall area of the pain. i am due for a renal ct scan next week.
Am very scared and suffer severe anxiety so am all over the place with worry that the doctors have left it so long.  thanks for any suggestions
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oh darn i see you feel so much pain and understandable anxiety..it sounds like sciatica to me which can be painful...I cannot offer help with anxiety I know that comes from you,I would ask you to stop thinking ...it is always our thoughts that make us feel bad ...Its impossible to experience any negative feeling without first creating a negative corresponding thought,the truth is our ..thinking will always create the reality we perceive ....
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