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how to lose weight?

I have bad asthma , and I am 79 kg I want to reduce my weight but exercise and walking made my asthma worse , I don't want to start prednisone again because 10 day before I finish my pills of prednisone, and even simple exercise also exerts me , how to lose weight ?can someone help ? please..........
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For starters, I'd see your doctor and let them know you are having exercise induced asthma problems. May I ask what controller asthma meds are? (Inhaler & pills, aside from albuterol or levalbuterol.) Prednisone should be a last resort anymore. Leukotriene inhibitors such as montelukast (Singulair), and Advair (diskus or HFA inhaler) are better choices for controller medications. There's other options, too, I'm just mentioning the two I use.

Keep a rescue inhaler (albuterol or levalbuterol) with you when exercising, too.

For me, and what my doctor suggested is swimming. It's good for learning breath control, and tends to not trigger asthma attacks caused by exercise. It works great for me. I don't swim well at all, but I can tread water like a pro, lol, and uffda, treading water for 10 minutes is tough and you can feel it in your muscles.

I'd also suggest something like yoga which incorporates breath control and it does work. You can do it at home, there are tons of youtube videos, books, CDs and MP3s, or you can take a class which if you've never done it before, I would suggest taking one so you can learn proper posturing and such.

If you don't have access to a pool, look for a local YMCA and they have open swim hours, membership is pretty inexpensive, or you can find out if you have a public pool. If you're feeling self-conscious in a bathing suit, modcloth.com has super cute, awesomely flattering swimsuits in one and two-piece. I have this one (I hope this is ok to link to): http://www.modcloth.com/shop/onepiece-swimwear/bathing-beauty-one-piece-in-red and I have never felt more confident or awesome in a bathing suit. I'd wear that to run errands in, LOL, if I wouldn't get looks of "uhhh, crazy" ;) & I don't know your size but it does run VERY small, I'm a dress size 0-00 and I fit into that brand as a 6. There's also a plus sized identical suit.

Also, 10 minute workout bursts! You don't have to go at it for 30-60 minutes in one whole thing. I can't do that, ughh, my ADHD gets in the way for me personally. I also will do jumping jacks, run in place, squats, etc. when I'm making my coffee, or during commercials while watching TV, stuff like that. I'm a really fidgety person, too. Figure out quick 10 minute burst routines you can do maybe a few times a day, that seems to help me with my asthma.

With housework, I wear light weights on my ankles and arms to get a little oompf out of it. Finding ways to get more out of daily activities can make a huge difference.

Of course, dietary changes are important, too. You have to burn more than you consume to lose weight.

I hope some of those ideas are helpful. I really suggest seeing your doctor about medications. Monitoring your asthma with a peak flow meter wouldn't be a bad idea, either.
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making a balanced diet and If there is a dietician guides you to improve your diet habit, would it be healthier than before?
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Hi I too have asthma and when ever I do any exercise I have a flareup. I have found that if I take my rescue inhaler before I do any exercise I either don't get a flareup or it is really small. Also I don't do any exercise if my chest is tight in the morning or I am sick at all. Also if you know weather affects you then be aware of that. I can't exercise outside if it is too windy, too hot, or cold. Also exercise isn't all about cardio. Did you know you lose weight when you do cardio but if you add weight training like lifting weights you lose weight even after you're done with your workout. And the weight training doesn't have to be very vigorous you can do it sitting watching tv and lifting a weight or using an elastic band tide to the leg of the chair and you put your leg through and pull. Of course if at anytime you do start getting symptoms stop relax let them go away and then try it later. Of course be aware of exactly what happened when you had the flareup. What activity were you doing, where were you doing it, what time of day was it, what is the weather or temperature of the room. If you see a pattern like I always have flareups when I exercise in the morning maybe you should avoid that.

Now I am no expert but this is what I have done to help. I am still working on losing my own weight but with these tips I have minimized the exercised endused flareups I use to get. Hope this helps and good luck.
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