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red bump/swelling on penile shaft

a few weeks ago, after shaving my genital area, after sex, had a red thickening/swelling appear on the side of my penis.  It appeared to be situated under a folicle.  I did some research and narrowed it down to either some sort of cyst forming or an infected folicle/clogged pore.  Iinitially tried hot towel compressions and squeezing the area.  A bit of clear fluid mixed with blood came out and after disinfecting it with rubbing alchohol, i left it alone.

The next morning the swelling was almost completely gone and I was happy but a few days later it came back and was a little sensitive when I tried to squeeze it again.  I decided that the pore was blocked and I didnt get everything out the first time so after using a sterilized needle on the pore, i squeezed out as much as i could *this time it was a white/blood puss mixture.

Now the area is getting more swollen, slightly redish tinge to it and I can feel a harder swollen about a centimeter in diameter.

I am in a situation where I am in the US and will have to wait till I get back to Canada to see a doctor.  This does not appear like a serious .

issue but I would like some recomendations on what I can try.
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you might want check with an urgent care you could pay out of pocket or planned parent hood they offer free testing .
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I would continue doing several hot soaks to the shaft area at least 4 times per day and see if that helps to make it erupt again with your assistance.  Sometimes squeezing an area of infection makes the infection go deeper down, and instead a pulling apart action help to bring it to the surface more.  I would also start using some over the counter antibiotic cream or ointment and keep it covered with a bandage while it's on to avoid any further irritation to the area.  Be sure to follow up with an MD as soon as you can however.  You may (and most probably do) need an oral antibiotic to help with the folliculitis.
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