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foreskin abrasions hiv risks

hello i had protected oral sex with a transsexual prostitute. im worried because i've got some abrasions on the foreskin of the penis and theres some small wounds. and he ejaculated before me and theres some semen on his hand and he continued to masturbate for me with that hand till i came...i wore condom throughout the whole process and im just worried that some of his semen from the hand might just stick onto my genital area or the condom during the masturbation..im afraid that the semen might get into contact with the abrasion after i take off the condom..is there a possible risk for me to get infected by hiv in this way? because im really unsure of his/her hiv status and i forget how i actually took off the condom. what if the exterior which might have semen contacts my abrasions? please help me thank you!
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Medical professionals suggest that HIV cannot be contracted when a condom has been properly used during an encounter.... For more information, please consult your family physician.
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