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Acute HIV symptoms

Two questions, the first due ASR symptoms occur all at the same time or due they appear at different times during the 2-4 week window?  The other is can a rash unaccompanied by other symptoms be a sign of HIV,  no fever , flu like symptoms, or other signs. I did have a slight loss of appetite and stiff shoulders (most likely from worry)?  I did something stupid and exposed my self to a person of unknown status.  I am now very concerned about being infected.  I will be taking a test when I get back to the US.  At that time it will be 7 weeks since the incident.  
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What was your possible exposure?
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Thanks for your concern, the exposure was losing a condom during vaginal sex, complete exposure to vaginal fluids.  Found out her  ex boyfriend was from a part of the world that has a high rate of HIV/AIDS. She would not directly answer if she had unprotected sex with him.  The rash I have erupted suddenly on my arm then over a period of days small rashes from just a small single pimple to areas the size of a nickle (red but no real bumps or raised)  appeared just on the sides of my trunk.  A couple of more days later small mostly single little pimple like rashes appeared on my legs. I had some minor  nasal drainage for about a day that caused my throat to feel slightly irritated, but it cleared up over night.  The wait to get home and tested is causing me great anxiety.  I know that you can't give a definite answer, but any information would help me prepare for the future and make plans rather then just worry about what to do if it is a positive result.  Again thank you for all the work you put into this topic for everyone.
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