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Being concernerd about HIV


66 days ago I had sexual intercourse with a girl. Probably high risk. It was vaginal unprotected but less than a minute. After that, precisely 62 days ago we had vaginal intercourse again, but that time was about 5 minutes withou condom. I hadn't feel sick, but I want to do the test to make sure, but it's almost impossible because of the coronavirus. I'm from brazil and we have a test called action that you can take by yourself at home.

Do you think that I need to do test? And the action should be a good option in these days with 2 months after exposure or I should wait to complete 3 months before get the test?

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A 4th generation (duo) test is conclusive after 4 weeks so you need to check to see if "action' is that kind of test. Any test is conclusive after 3 months.
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I have to ask this important question which is why are you having sex without a condom.  Having sex without condoms is one of the ways you can get HIV or other STD's.  It's unnecessary exposure.  Please consider condoms to protect yourself.  You can test at 28 days after your last exposure to get an accurate result if  you use a 4th generation duo test.  While it is still low risk to have one encounter, less than 2 percent chance, it is still a risk and your odds go up as you do it more and more often.  I'm not shaming you but concerned you aren't being responsible in taking care of your health.  If your test isn't a 4th generation Duo test, then you have to wait 3 months. be safe.
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Assuming your partner to be positive, 'female to male' transmission is relatively difficult through penetrative vaginal intercourse.

In reality, likelihood of your partner being HIV positive is miniscule since not everyone you will have intercourse with can be assumed as positive.

Since you asked if you need to be tested?
You engaged in an unprotected intercourse, you will need to test, your best options are as stated below for a conclusive result:

IV/V generation HIV test at 28 days or later.

Home testing kits at 84 days or later.
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