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ClearView StatPak 1/2 reliability ?!

I had unprotected vaginal sex (receiving) June 6th 2015, and got tested with the clear view rapid antibody test August 12, 2015 (67 days) post exposure or 9 1/2 weeks .. I got tested at sisterly love in a Atlanta ga. It's a non- profit organization for free hiv testing! The man that did the test looked like he knew what he was doing so I'm not doubting he did anything wrong. I just want to know how accurate was that test at 9 weeks post exposure? I had what I thought were ars symptoms a couple weeks after that exposure but when I got the negative test I just dismissed it as me being sick. Recently I've had pharyngitis 2x in one month, and a couple months ago I had a couple bumps around my anus that would pop up then reduce in size and dissapear within a week. Although I do have bowel problems, I just want to know if those symptoms correlate with hiv? could I have had a false negative test result?
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A 4th generation test should be done at 4 weeks post exposure and a simple HIV test at three months post exposure.

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During my window period I had ( too many) tests and a bunch of those were the clearview stat pac 3rd generation rapid test. Assuming you had same.
During one of my tests I asked for the paper work so I could see for myself time and other information.
It stated clearly by the manufacturer that "if you nun after 3 months of no risks, you are HIV negative ".
I say that because they stand behind its ability to detect antibodies by then.
Add to that, 95% will test positive by 6 weeks and the Drs who used to post here have not seen an 8 week negative
Sorry for splitting this post, phone went nuts.
Anyway, they didn't see in their experience an 8 week negative turn positive.
You are very much mostlikely negative. A final test at 12 weeks will be conclusive.
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I had a standard HIV antibody test at 3weeks post- negative.. And the clear view stat at 91/2 weeks -negative.. I never went and got tested again because of the fact that they were telling me they never saw 9 week turn positive at 12 weeks. I'll go and get tested again . But do my symptoms at all sound like HIV symptoms to you? Diarrhea, bumps around anus, pharyngitis 2x in one month, feeling nauseous???
Testing determines ones status, and the 12 weeks conclusive is a CDC guideline.
I feel as they do, it will be negative. I'm no Dr so I go by the cdc.
Your health is influenced by many things. Testing rules out by hiv.
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Thankyou ! :)
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