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Erotic body massage and HIV

I had erotic body massage 4 months ago. I was nude during whole massage while female Masseuse was wearing underwear all the time. I have ejaculated 2 times with handjob by masseuse and no penetration happened as she was in undergarment all the time.
She kissed on my body on various parts but not penis and I have also kissed several times on her body but there was no contact of personal parts of both.
After a week of having massage, I was feeling fatigue and had chills for 2 days but no fever or any other symptoms. That time also I started panicked but after 2 days I was fine and anxiety also went away
Now after period of 4 months again all of sudden again I am felling anxious of having HIV though I do not have any symptoms at all.
I have an anxiety and insomnia problem since last 4 years but was doing well before this episode. Now again new thoughts have panicked me and once again feeling low and anxious. Plz help
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The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles for injecting drugs. Hand jobs and kissing of the body will not transmit the virus. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So, this was not a risk in any way and you do not need to test. rest easy, no risk
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Thank you so much your words but my anxiety is not getting over so do u really think that i should get tested ? I know you already mentioned above that no need to test but i am not getting peace of mind since last 15 days and even i have lost appetite because of this worry. I even do not have courage to go and tested as i am afraid of the result. Plz suggest.

I'm not responsible for your anxiety. I gave you my only answer you will receive on this foru.
forum. Only answer on this forum. Read what I said again and that's all
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You had no risk at all, it’s just your anxiety mate.
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Do i need to be tested? I dont have a courage to get tested also as i am so panicked.
Nah man, as you said there was zero penetration so no risk for HIV. No testing needed at all, it’s just the anxiety man.
Thank you for your words. Just my anxiety is not getting over and i have lost appetite also because of this issue.
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