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HIV Anxiety for a two year old event

Hi all,

Two years ago I had an encounter with an escort that I asked about ( https://medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Risk-of-HIV-from-encounter/show/3055362 ).

There have been a couple of recent developments that have made me worry about it.

1) Planning to marry my GF next year and am thinking a lot about the event from two years ago. She says she doesn’t have HIV but I worry if I may have put her at risk.

2) Took a recent CBC which showed a lower than normal lymphocyte count. Internet search told that it can be an indication of HIV. While my doc told me to not worry about, she didn’t really get into my sexual history.

After poring over dozens of questions and threads, the experts here have mentioned that intact condoms protect 100% against HIV. So my only questions here are the below:

a) Things seemed fine after encounter from two years ago, but could it be possible that I may have missed a condom break?

b) Are low lymphocyte levels an indication of a possible HIV infection?

Thank you,
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Sorry guys, have bad anxiety (seeing a therapist about it). I’ll put this behind me. Thanks for the responses for questions from folks like me! Take care.
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It's hard. Hope your therapist gives you strategies to cope.  
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Your low lymphocytes idea makes ZERO sense. hiv is a contagious disease but you think it could spread to you despite  the condom blocking it. Consider therapy if you've been dealing with such an impossible ide for so long that it just popped up in intensity after 2 years.
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You know, you asked about this and were answered. The answer has not changed.  ONLY risks for HIV:  unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs.  We can do no more but answer your question.  You didn't miss a condom break. That isn't something you miss. Only the head of the penis needs covered. If you are still ruminating about this event, two years later, it's time to maybe talk to a therapist about it.  
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Sorry for reviving an old thread. I understand it’s frustrating for you read threads from nervous nellies such as myself. To be honest, I had moved on from the event. It was only my recent CBC test (1 month ago) that made me think about it again. Should low lymphocytes be source of worry and linked to HIV?
It's not that it is frustrating. It's just that your brain is having irrational thinking and I can't do anything about that. You had no risk for HIV so entertaining questions related to lymphocytes is not relevant.
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