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HIV Needle Druguser

Hello Doctor,

yesterday i was out trunk much alcohol and was on a party in a house, there was a Women which is a junkie,she was they are injected drug, later when i want go home she was still there and i ask here if everything is ok, and then id happen, she put the syringe in my hand it happens fast, I looked at my hand and was shocked i pressed and blood comes out

Here a Pic of my hand with the points a fiew hours later


I ask here about HIV she says no si dont have hiv, but maybee she lies

Im now so shocked, i didnt sleep last night

How big is the Chance to contract HIV;-(

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sorry to hear,but just to be safe...you do know this is the highest risk of contracting HIV?

test at 6 week,8 week then 3 months...the 6 and 8 week is if your anxious and i am presuming you are.

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Being poked by a needle will not transmit HIV you have to infuse it into your system.
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Hello Teak

Thanks, but when she picketd me with the neddle, blood was coming out;-(

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If you *genuinely* are concerned (and your situation is similar to say a Police Officer or other Worker being sticked by a possibly infected needle - HIV or Hep B&C infected) you should visit (within a MAXIMUM of 72 hours of the incident but immediately where possible) an Emergency Room where a qualified medical practioner will decide, on the basis of what you say and they see, whether to issue you with 28 days supply of Post Exposure Prophylaxis drugs (PeP) that actually work on both HIV and some Hep viruses.
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He doesn't need nPEP he didn't have an exposure.

Swissmen what were you told at AidsMeds?
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the same Teak

but why become nurse and a doctor PEP for HIV when they stick with a needle?

Its the same situation?

The needle picks me and blood comes out ;-(
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You don't get nPEP for a poke. You get it if you infuse yourself.You had no risk.
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A Junky Woman razor me with a Needlestick

what ? No Risk? Really?

I dont need a Test?

Ok you must know it teak.

i was thinking this is a High Risk situation because after the Prozedur Blood comes out where the syringe picks me
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No you don't need an HIV test. You didn't infuse anything into your vein.
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ok thanks Teak

i cant beliefe it because the doctor on medhelp says a PEP would be good;-(

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thats the Problem i dont know what do doing
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nPEP is not needed and doesn't meet the guidelines.
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See here:
swissmen has posted in two forums.
The MD gives the opposite advice.
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The OP may well ('swissmen') be European, in which case CDC guidelines wouldn't apply.
UK guidelines (regarded as second only to the US in experience and Medical Community Input in all matters relating to HIV and AIDS) would provide them at NHS rates if a Medical Practioner so prescribed. Other wise he might have to pay the full prescription cost.
But this is all for swissmen to get off his butt and just go and see an ER physician.
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oh men

now im nervoues found a site with Doctor who become HIV+ with a Needlestick thats the same that happen to me.:((((
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There is no verified known case that I know of a Doctor becoming HIV+ that way - they all take PEP if it does happen, and I'm not aware of a seroconversion happening.
Anyway, swissmen, you now know what to do in the future and you are *still* within the 72 hours to go to an Emergency Room.
So either do it, or just relax and in future just be careful of dodgy looking people with needles in their hand and be careful about who you socialise with.
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"There is no verified known case that I know of a Doctor becoming HIV+ that way"

The doctor is on thebody.com.  His name is Dr. Francisco.  I think his infection took place in the 90s.
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its too late steve its over 50 hours, im in switzerland and they told me its over.

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Post the site Swissmen.
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which one?

im so f"""" nervoeus i hope nothing is happen.
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* Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusively negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusively negative results or a no-risk situation will be based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
* After excessive posting, a warning will be issued by MedHelp
* Continuing to post regarding the negative result / no risk situation will result in a 3 day suspension
* Continuing to post upon your return will result in a permanent ban.
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I am curious as to your warning post.

How is he questioning a conclusively negative result or no risk situation when SteveEast9 is showing link to swissmen other post where Dr. gave him advice that conflicts with your statement.

Not trying to be rude, but just trying to understand the situation and how this website works as us less knowledgeable individuals are just trying to get education, support and guidance.

No disrespect.  Just trying to understand.
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