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HIV Symptoms within a week?

I had unprotected sex with a bar girl in the philippines and two days later i developed a mild fever and sore throat. I also spat out phlegm that had some blood in it(but that only happened once). My lymph nodes near my groin area are starting to swell a little.

Could i have gotten hiv from giving her oral? I had a couple of small cuts on my lips, because i had chapped lips at the time.

Are these symptoms of another std thats not hiv?

She told me that the girls in the bar get checked weekly for stds, but being that it's in the philippines i doubt that its legit.

thanks for any help
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No, HIV is not  transmitted by oral sex.
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Thanks for the info, but i also had unprotected sex with her. So could hiv symptoms appear within a week?

The lymph nodes on the right side of my groin are starting to swell a little and are tender.

I also had a sore throat that lasted about a week and a mild fever
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If you  had unprotected  vaginal and/or anal sex with her, then you have to test after 12 weeks of that exposure.
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"So could hiv symptoms appear within a week? "

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When you get symptoms of hiv are they supposed to be mild or severe?
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