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HIV Testing and Symptoms

I have been reading the archives over and over and I apologize for yet another testing/confidence level message.  Sorry for the long message.

In July and Early August, 2008, I was very promiscuous sleeping with a several unknown partners.  Normally unprotected oral, protected vaginal.  The last such occurrence occurred on August 6th.
Symptoms/Testing Timeline:

On August 13th, I came down with a flu.  Fever, Runny Nose, Body Aches, shooting knee joint pain when walking up stairs.  The fever lasted a couple of days and by the 16th-17th, I was feeling more or less myself with a runny nose.

Around August 18th to 19th, several joints in my body started to ache and produce pain.  Specifically the joint in my right thumb was very sore.  This joint pain still exists today, September 27th but is much reduced from what it was.

September 8th, 2008: I went to LabCorp for testing (doesn't everyone?).  I had the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), DNA by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA.  Results were fine/not detected.  This was just over the 4.5 weeks from last possible exposure.  They use a third generation test for the antibodies, correct?  With a window period of 2-4 weeks.  I am a little concerned over these results as the clinic had difficulty drawing blood.

September 10th, 2008: I developed oral thrush.  Doctor prescribed an anti fungal.

September 11th, 2008: Full STD check in Alberta Canada. (all came back fine).  HIV test I do believe is a 1st or 2nd generation.  I attempted to get more info but was unable.

September 12th, 2008: General bloodwork.  Elevated (higher than previous tests) Lymphocyte counts.  Above normal Transferrin Saturation and Iron.

September 26th, 2008: Rash on my lower back.  Similar to the "(Pseudomonas Folliculitis)" pictures found on the web.

Since the original fever, I have had mild recurring fevers (2-3/week) and occasional night sweats with continuing joint pain.  I do have a few small red spots on my chest but nothing I would call a rash.

I want conclusive testing done.  I can't keep living my life in constant worry over every ache and pimple.  I was not tested for HIV-2 by PCR.  Does the labcorp ICMA test detect HIV-2 in early exposure as effective as HIV-1?

Should I go get a HIV-1 again AND a HIV-2 PCR test from labcorp?  I'm to the point where money doesn't matter.  I want my life back.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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You didn't have a risk. You had protected sex.
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While I appreciate the comment, I would also be interested in peoples interpretation of the symptoms and past diagnostic steps. :)  Thanks
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There is not need to get into symptoms because don't mean a thing when it comes to diagnosing HIV, plus you didn't have a risk.
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I had something almost the same as you and I tested neg almost 5 months after poss expose, then again 3 months later using the Naat Rna and eilsa test and that came back neg. 9 months later I tested again, but waiting for results.... I still have symptoms that I can not explain, and have read and read about how about how the test work and the different types. Its really confusing and sometimes not reassuring, people say not to worry about the symptoms but why not worry about it, it is the very reason we worry, cuz they are there. How can you manifest these problems on there own with out a cause especially since it happened right after a possible infection. Human error is every where, why do you think we get ourselves in these messes to begin with.
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i would bet that most of the ppl on this forum dont "just" have hiv anxiety...their whole lives are consumed with it.  this is just the latest on a large list of things to worry about.

seek professional mental help...you need it!!!
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I am taking everything in stride Lizzie.  Unfortunately as I am within the window period, there is uncertainty associated with the tests.

Am I anxious?  Yes.  Over just HIV?  No.  My body is experiencing something and I don't know what it is.  This is the exact reason other tests are also being performed.

Due to the long window period of HIV however, I really would like confidence in the testing that has already been performed or go get conclusive testing done.

If symptoms persist, I may complete HTLV1/2/HIV1/2 PCR testing.  At the same time, waiting a month is probably better to the 3 month term.  Go get the tests next week, results the week after (at a cost of close to a grand?) vs waiting 2 more weeks and a conclusive test locally for free.

The biggest issue is worry over transmission to my current partner.  Protection every time, but still.  I would rather know I was not putting her at risk AT ALL.
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