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HIV rash, NO fever?

Hi everyone! I desperately need some help!
I am a 35 years old gay man and 1 month ago I had sex with another man, whose HIV status is unknown. We did not have anal sex, but he ejaculated on the outside area of my anus (not inside, as there was no penetration).
It's been 14 days now that I developed a very severe skin rash all over my body (except for the face, neck, palms and soles). It started on my arms, legs (especially in the thighs) and back of the hands. A week later it appeared on my stomach, chest and back of the feet. At the beginning it was very itchy. Now looks like it's healing and it's leaving dark acne-like scars.
I have had NO fever, NO flu-like symptoms of any sort, NO lymph nodes, NO muscular or joints ache, NO sore throat.
Could it be ARS?
Thanks a lot!!! And forgive my bad English. I'm form Argentina.
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From what I read if no unprotected penetration occurred there is no risk. Also the rash of ARS usually does not itch and occurs as a cluster of symptoms . If no other unprotected exposures occurred you should be fine. Siempre usa condones
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Thank you very much for your answer!
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