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Thanks for all the information and support you give to the general public. I have a question but before i would like to say that i already know what to do afterwards (test to ease my mind or realize if i contracted the virus), but i need to ease my mind about this event in order to cope with the chance i might be HIV positive. I was in Bangkok, and went to a Go Go bar,  i took a girl out and had vaginal sex with her (with condom on). After a while the condom broke, i realized it after maybe 30 seconds and we stopped. I told her and she rushed into the bathroom to wash herself, and after her i also did, and urinated. The condom broke on the side, however i dont know if the tip was exposed at certain moment. I asked her she said she doesn't have HIV (i assumed either she doesnt know or didnt want to tell me) I freaked out and i went to hospital, they put me on PEP (truvada and isentress), which i have been taking since. Today is my last dose of it, so my questions are the following:
1. How much is my real risk of having contracted HIV for this kind of exposure? I need an ease of mind to reduce all my anxiety caused by this event since the Dr. in the hospital in Thailand said i had 15% chance. A Dr. friend of mine told me 0.3-0.5% risk and also recomended me PEP, which i took after 48 to 52 hours.
2. After I finish my treatment, how long can i go test to get a reliable result? Dr. in Thailand recomended me to test after 40 days of exposure.
3. I haven't had any symptoms such as fever, rash, or swollen lymph nodes. No muscle pain no fatigue. I do have a runny nose (mild) and a little phlegm in my throat. Is it possible that those are ARS? (it has been now 4 weeks and 3 days after exposure).

Thank you very much in advance for the time and effort!.
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1. Even if she had HIV the PEP is proven to be very effective, so low risk
2. 8 weeks
3. Not ARS
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Thanks for the reply and help. To follow with the situation, i had one painful node on my neck 35 days after exposure (4 days after PEP treatment finished) which lasted for 3 days. I did not feel any other swollen node or pain but i wonder what could it be if not HIV? i had no other infection besides the runny nose by the time of the painful lymph node. That has caused me a horrible anxiety of being infected with HIV. Now, at this time (64 days after exposure), i have pain on my ear (like ear infection) mild too and sore throat (feel it in the night and morning with nasal congestion. Are these also suggestive of ARS? No fever, rash or body ache. I am testing two days from today  (as suggested 8 weeks from exposure) but i am really afraid. What do you think after all the symptoms that have ocurred to me? what are the odds? extremely anxious! Thanks again for the time to read all this posts

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Symptoms not related to HIV.
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What do you think my result will be? Are my odds high considering the painful lymph node on my neck after 35 days after exposure? That specifically and the fact that runny nose kept on for alot of time. Thanks for the response again.
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I don't play the guessing game.
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Just try and take peace knowing that if she knew she was infected she may of been less worried about the condom breaking. The fact that she ran to the shower is a good sign. I'm no specialist on this subject but many bar girls in Asia are carefully monitored and any infection can cause them to lose their job. Street girls could be more of a worry.

Read my past worried question and you will see that symptoms don't give results. Only a test can.

I hope you will be ok, just be strong and don't let anxiety beat you.
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Thanks alot for your encouraging words. Trying to hold on and after results come, hopefully negative, will try to re-fix my life. If it wasn't for the painful node on the neck at 35th day i think i wouldn't be anxious or nervous.
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