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HSV2 and HIV

Thank you in advance for the support.

I had an oral sex exposure a little over 6 weeks ago (I am male and I gave oral to a women - we also had condom protected vaginal sex). I did not notice any sores in the genital area at the time. 2-3 days post the exposure I developed what an infectious disease doc said were white ulcers on my tonsils. My glands in the neck became swallon over the course of the week and then I developed a sore throat that lasted for 3 weeks. Also 2 weeks post event my leg muscles became very painful and I develop muscle spasms and tingling sensations on the feet/hands and face. These symptoms are with me today (6 weeks after the event). I tested negative for HIV at 43 days (6 weeks). But i'm not sure if what was on my tonsils area was HSV2 acquisition sores. I also get night sweats 2-3 times a week where the neck area is sweaty and the t-shirt and bed sheet is damp. Today is the first day my mouth has a metallic taste and my tongue looks white. I'm in the window period for HSV2 (and HIV) but will get that blood test soon to confirm. My bowel movements have been thrown off big time. I am severely constipated right now and have been pretty much since the event 6 weeks ago.

Can anyone give me feedback on my chances of acquiring HIV through oral sex (on a female) if my partner was shedding HSV2 (asymptomatically because I didnt see any sores at the time) and if my 43 day HIV negative test is at risk if that tonsil thingy was in fact HSV2 (i.e delayed seroconversion). Is it tough to get HSV2 on the tonsils only - didnt have any sores on my mouth, lips or tongue or inside of my cheeks. Thank you.
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sorry for the double post. I clicked the wrong button
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help guys.
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I'm freaking out guys. I've been bloated for 5 weeks now. My bowls barely move without me taking something for it. Gas is trapped inside. This is another form of diarrhea (no liquid). This coupled with the muscle twitchings, tinglings and warm/cold sensations on the skin which basically started at the same time (and havent left) are freaking me out. What the heck is up with these symptoms. Gas trapped, no bowl movements, GERD, the 2-3 times a week night sweat, muscle twitches, tinglings, warm/cold sensations... the muscle pains in the legs and back have slowly left (and that is freaking me out even more because that could mean I am nearing end of seroconversion). This is VERY scary. I try to calm others but I cant do the same right now....     need some help and feedback on my situation.

I had a negative test at 42.5 days but I'm thinking that I am slowly seroconverting and the next test (next week at 7.5 weeks) is scaring the living day lights out of me.
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I also think there was a condom slip as I was drunk at the time. STupid stupid me. One position where her legs were tightly closed and I pulled out and believe came out of the condom and then when I tried to go back im not sure if I was fully out or whether only half out of the condom.  

I also get numb in the legs fast when I sit with my legs crossed. Along with tight back muscle and stiff neck. ARS signs. Very scared.
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wow - no one cares to help. I try my best to offer what advice I can but no one cares to offer some guidance or support or helping hand.....
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I dont know about HSVII, but giving oral sex toa woman is a n extremly low risk (Just theorical), and that plus a 6 week test thatis 95% accurate, you have nothing to worry,  symptoms means nothing, only 50% of infected people had it, Your symptoms are way to common to relate them to hiv, is probably a garden virus very very common in springtime, so stay calm, some places like Massachusets, Australia, ect. think 6 weeks are conclusive that with your very extra low risk, you are Ok. if you remain worried test again at 3 months an then you would have a conclusive test.

Good Luck
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It is very extraordinary, but i had exactly the same risk exposure (cunnilingus), and developed exactly the same syptoms. I have tested negative out to 13 months (8 tests) and still didnt find what caused my symptoms. I was only diagnosed with streptococ which was cured by antibiotics. You should get a throat culture done. I didnt test for herpes. Should I? I didnt have any cold sores on my lips
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You were not at risk of contracting HIV from going down on a woman.
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Don't worry mate, here the doctors say (they are very good and experienced) that oral sex to a women carries very low risk (theoritical only). I am sure you are fine and especially when you already have a negative result after 7 weeks. Please see previous posts and you will know you are fine.
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Actually that test I refered to was at the 6 week mark. I just took my 7th week test today and negative. I started 25mg paxil yesterday and today I had liquid diarrhea (and stomach is all gurgling). Kind of freaked me out but I guess if I think with logic it cant be ARS because symptoms cant come at different points in time. But who knows. Perhaps a side effect of paxil - though I did take it years ago without any GI issues. Freaky still. Lets see how long the diarrhea lasts.
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