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Hiv Scare

I wanted to come on here one last time before I move on with this, I as like most people on here had a risky situation (unprotected sex with a unknown) 2 weeks after the exposure I had a fever, 4 weeks had white tounge, pins and needles all over the body, ache muscles, not sleeping, every symptom in the book. I went to a 6 week duo test and came back negitive despite what everyone on here told me I was sure I had hiv and my symptoms came from that. I later went in for another rapid duo 4th gen test at 11 weeks came back negitive. Do you selfs the favor and 1) go get tested after the 4th week with a duo it will show you a good indicator of what your test will be. 2) Rapid or from the vein 4th generation is the same I say go with rapid you get your results within 20min.
Your mind is a powerful thing, anxiety is a powerful thing, stress is a powerful thing.
Believe the doctors and believe your results!!
Don’t let this take over your life.
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It is abnormal to test twice for the same disease so anyone considering doing that should see a therapist instead to put themselves out of their misery quicker.
How is it abnormal to text twice when 6 week I thought was not conclusive and was told to test again?
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While I'm sorry and have empathy for you that you have anxiety, it is clear that you do based on your posts and need for reassurance when the test you took that was negative should have given you all the reassurance you need.  Any Duo 4th generation test will give you an accurate result starting at 4 weeks or 28 days post exposure.  You tested then and then still felt you needed another test.  I think that is the point of why saying taking two tests was abnormal.  Perhaps a better word is unnecessary.  I'd speak to your doctor about anxiety so you can have peace of mind.
I wanted reassurance because a lot of the things I read no where did it say 6 weeks was conclusive, everything says re test at 3 months. I worry because I still have symptoms that are happening and not sure why it’s still there. I have a painful mouth crusty chapped yeasty lips that nothing is helping.  I don’t believe that anxiety can cause all of this.
This was said from someone on here “Very accurate anytime after 4-6 weeks, but not conclusive. A standard antibody test at 12 weeks is for now the only conclusive test”  talking about the 4th duo. So why is it that your saying it’s axiety and I shouldn’t not test again?
No one who posts here frequently said that and anyone who posts incorrect info has their post deleted, so you need to do more than say you "read it somewhere so we have to believe you".

You need to move on from HIV by seeing a therapist or test when you feel comfortable if that actually helps you move on, but most chronic testers don't believe in any science except what they make up so another test likely won't solve anything. We rely on the opinion of expert docs, so can't pay attention to every site you locate where someone either has an incorrect claim or is overly conservative and says to test using outdated guidelines.
It appears that you misunderstood the advice - the word duo means 2. Duo test is antibody/ag. An antibody test is not a duo and requires 12 weeks.
you've testee negative multiple times.  you've even had your most recent duo test at 11 weeks which was negative. you do not have HIV. in your post above where you quote the 4-6 weeks they are referencing an antibody not a duo test at AnxiousNoMore said. however this doesn't matter as you said you had a 4th gen duo test at 11 weeks, and i believe you had a ag/ab at 6 if i remember correctly that was negative as well. as I've said on here and our PMs, you do not have HIV from your conclusive tests. please seek therapy, stop testing, stop reading, stop adding what ifs, and if you think you actual medical problems see a doctor but they are not related to HIV. we've told you on this thread and the other, you do not have it.
i also reread your original post in this thread, to confirm your testing dates which backs up from what i remembered from our conversation. i have chapped lips all the time, and i use chap stick and carmex, but it doesnt mean i have HIV.
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