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How are my CBC looking?? Scared!!!!

So these are my counts
WBC 3.4
RBC 4.60
Hematocrit 38.7
MCV 84
MCHC 33.6
RDW 14.1
Platelet 171
Lymphocytes 34
I'm hoping they are good... Feedback please!!
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What was your exposure?
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High risk thinking hiv
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Pls post your exact explore......
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My ex boyfriend and I had unprotected sex numerous times he ejaculated  in me 3 times... I started having all kind of crazy symptoms... 3 weeks after our first encounter  I had did the rna test came back negative .. I did a antibody  test came back negative... I took another test Thursday at the health department which the counselor told me would be over 100% after 3 weeks since our last encounter so I'm now waiting on that to come back and also my syphilis test...
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