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Needle on bicycle seat

I'm sorry for occupying your time, when I was riding a bicycle last week, someone maliciously placed the needle of the syringe on the seat. Unfortunately, I was stabbed and I was worried about the risk of HIV
1. If a hollow injection needle that is NOT CONNECTED TO THE SYRINGE is pierced into the body and there is HIV blood in the injection needle, will this cause infection?
2. I know that infectious body fluids will be inactivated immediately in the air (as anxiousnomore said). Will the hollow needle with residual HIV blood be exposed to the air, will the virus be inactivated?
3. In common cases of shared syringe infection, is it necessary to have a SYRINGE CONNECTED TO THE HOLLOW NEEDLE and then push the syringe to inject infectious liquid into the body to be infected? If you just pierce the body with a needle that is NOT CONNECTED TO THE SYRINGE, you won’t get infected, right?
Thank you for solving my doubts, I really appreciate it!
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It's not a risk.  End of story.  There's no need to go into detail about why it's not a risk.

If you don't have unprotected, penetrative sex with someone of unknown HIV status, and you don't DELIBERATELY share intravenous needles, with a syringe, you will never have to worry about HIV.
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Thank you so much , i fully understand!
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This event sounds like an invention of your imagination.  It is not possible to position a needle on a bicycle seat in such a way as to stab you, or that you would not notice.

There is no need to answer your questions one-by-one.  If your injury did not require that the needle be extracted in the emergency room at a hospital, and did not have a syringe attached, you were never at risk for HIV.
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thank you for your response! This incident is really not out of imagination. I was using a public bicycle at the time. I did not confirm the seat condition before using it. The moment I sat on it, I felt a very strong tingling in my butt, and then I got off the bike. Checking the situation of the seat, I found that a needle without a syringe was inserted into the soft seat from the bottom up. There was still blood in the needle. I am pretty sure that it was caused by some malicious revenge on society.
I'm sorry to ask one last time, the needle without a syringe is no risk, right? If I can, please tell me why, I am really grateful, thank you for your selfless help to resolve my anxiety!
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