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New HIV Acute Test

Hello guys,

I went to an STD clinic in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago to test for HIV after I had unprotected sex 6 weeks prior.  I was given a rapid finger test, which was negative and was also drawn blood from my vein for what they said was a new HIV test offered, called "Acute HIV Test"  They mentioned that a window period of this test is about 3 weeks.  They said that this is a very new and expensive test.  The results were ready today, two weeks later and they were negative.  I called a hotline and double-checked.  They said that after 6 weeks this test is 100% accurate.  Awesome.   I am just a bit worried that I can't find any info about this test online.  Did you guys hear anything about it?  I would imagine that NY department of Health is pretty conservative and wouldn't be telling things if they weren't 100 proof to people.
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3 months is still the guidelines.
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What is the name of the test thay YOU say is conclusive at 6 weeks? Don't come on this forum and give this kind of information saying someone said this or that. What is the name of the so called NEW test. I don't have any new test approvals other than what has been located on the FDA website and the Federal Registar and none have been given approval to  give a conclusive negative test result earlier than 3 months.  
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Why are you being rude to me?  I am stating what I have been told by counselors at NYC  std testing clinic.  I don't care about what you have.  I am just relaying what I have been told.  And by the way, the window period they are quoting is 3 weeks, not six.  The name of the test is "Acute HIV Test"  Call this number 1-877-364-8191.  This is New York City Std testing number.   And be a little more mature about your answers in the future.
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There is no approved test that will give a conclusive result earlier than 3 months.
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Why would a respected City-owned testing facility be telling lies?  I don't understand it.  This is not some private doctor, this is a free NYC std testing facility.  The number I provided leads straight to them.  Call it and speak to them.
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They don't manufacture the tests or give the approvals for the tests. Until the manufactures and the FDA says different the guidelines is 3 months.

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