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Rna pcr test

Hi, I have put myself at risk and am asking advice is it worth taking an Rna pcr test at 10 days? Risk was unprotected sex with a male. Headaches and high temp. Very high anxiety around this issue so would like peace of mind as soon as possible. As 28 days will be hell to wait. Thank you
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I second CurfewX, you don't qualify for this test, if we look at it from a standpoint of an HIV testing protocol.

PCR RNA is an expensive test, it is your money, if you wish to spend on it, you should know that you will still have to get an antibody test at 6 weeks or a IV Generation HIV test at 4 weeks for a conclusive result.

If you wish to go for it, I recommend it between 11-13 days post exposure, an undetected RNA NAT will be a very strong indicator that you don't have the virus.

You could save some money, perhaps if you can get a IV generation HIV test in the next couple of days, this tests detects antibodies and a viral protein called P24 in tandem, in most cases, this protein peaks at about 14/15 days post infection, absence of this antigen at this juncture will be a very strong indicator. The antibody part of this test will not be result oriented though.

I repeat, the above information is not substitute for a conclusive that can be only achieved at 6 week with an antibody test or 4 weeks with a IV Generation of HIV test.

If you can, you must try and reach out to your partner and simply ask about his STD status and testing history, most people don't lie when they are asked about it directly.

We wish you the best.
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Thank you for your reply. I have reached out to this person and offered to pay for test's for both of us as this would determine both our hiv status before this one time incident. He has cut of all contact this along with the fact he did not use a condom despite it being discussed has me very worried. Where I am livin ROI the only place offering 5th generation testing has 28 day period listed. Would you still recomend to get this before that time? And if so if negative how confident could i be with that. Also if I had/have protected sex after this is that person safe?
You must not worry much about this event. CurfewX has already provided you with the odds of transmission in your case.

We understand that people tend to get anxious sometime after an intercourse with a non-regular partner, this anxiety tends to be from either guilt or fear, as rightly suggested by my fellow poster, you should seek counseling for the irrational fear you are developing.

It's not just where you live but every where else in this world, the ideal time frame for a IV and V generation of HIV test is at 28 days post exposure. The idea of telling you to test with it at 14 days was to curb you from being impulsive about getting an RNA PCR when we are able to assess that your risk is low. The logic behind suggesting this test as explained before is to look for P24 Ag, which also helps in early detection instead of an expensive RNA PCR since you are anxious. Neither P24 ag testing nor RNA PCR can give you a conclusive result, they are only an indicator at this point.

If you ask us, the right thing to do is wait for 28 days and get yourself a IV/V generation HIV test and move on.

We have provided you with all the options, now you choose what's right for you.
I apologize for asking again but  still have ongoing symptom"s and  high anxiety. would a 23 day 5th generation test be worth anything?  would there be a huge difference in 5 day? if negative at this time would it rule out the illness as serconverting?
28 days is the best when a IV Generation HIV test can be taken. Although, most people would test positive at 21 days if they were actually infected. However, a repeat test at 28 days as told earlier would be necessary to rule out infection.

I feel, you waited for all this while, another 5 days won't be a bad idea, your risk was low, try and be rational.
the clinic is stating 26 days period and I will be at 24 when I can get it done?
You have been advised that the proper time is 28 days post-exposure. You can choose to heed this advice, based on the advice of experts, or not.
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RNA PCR is not recommended as a primary diagnostic test, and is only intended for early detection following a high-risk exposure  with someone known to be HIV+.  Headaches and a high temp alone, without other symptoms, is not indicative of HIV infection.
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Thanks for replying. I do not know his status. I would be willing to pay the money if it gave me some peace of mind. Also have slightly swollen node in neck. If i take this test and it is negative can i take these symptoms as nothing to do with the incident?
What you are describing are NOT symptoms indicative of HIV.  You most likely have a common bacterial or viral infection.  You wouldn't have one just slightly swollen node.  

If you wish to spend several hundred dollars/Euros/whatever equivalent currency, that is your choice.  However, you're looking at a 0.08% risk of infection IF he is HIV+, which translates to a 99.98% chance that you didn't.  Combining the risk of infection from a one-time vaginal event with the odds that your partner is HIV+ results in an extraordinarily low risk.  Frankly, your money would be better spent on counseling to help you accept the reality that your risk was extremely low, if not non-existent.
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